7 Critical Questions You Should Ask Before You Choose a Pest Control Company

You’ve invested a very big chunk of your life’s savings in a beautiful home. Then you saved and saved and did it up so it suits your tastes and made it as close to your dream home as your finances would permit.
Ideal. Natural Pest Control Methods In Agriculture
Happily ever after?
Not Quite.
If you’ve come this far, you also realize that after you have done up your house, you face a big responsibility to MAINTAIN it. This involves fixing what’s broken and ensuring that preventive measures are taken to see that things don’t break and that they continue to work efficiently.
I’m sure you have maintenance contracts to cover your fridge, television, water purifier, Air conditioners and so on…
What about your house – The furniture in it?
An insurance policy will ensure that you can claim some amount in the event of a calamity, but does that ensure you a house free from pests?
Have you ever experienced the embarrassment of having a cockroach run into plain view in front of your guests? Do you want to experience it?
Have you ever suffered mice in the house eating away your fruit and grain, contaminating everything they touch?
What about Bed bugs disturbing your sleep or termites eating away at the biggest investment of your life, slowly turning it to dust?
If someone forced their way into your house, poisoned your food, wounded your children and pets, and ruined your furniture beyond repair, would you just sit by and think that you should do something about it, but put it off for later?
Absolutely not.
You would pick up whatever you had in your hand and do everything possible to save your home and property from this plunder.
Pests do the same thing in your home. They force their way in. They contaminate your food. They bite your children and pests and very often transmit dangerous diseases. They slowly eat your furniture and turn all the wood in your house to dust.
How come you procrastinate when it comes to hiring a pest control company?
Now you may think that you could handle the pest control of your house by yourself. You may well be able to, but you do not have the expertise to match that of people who deal with pest infestations on a daily basis.
• You will have to go through a process of trial and error in choosing the right pesticides to target specific pests.
• Then you have to ensure that the pesticides are stored in a manner where they do not lose effectiveness and do not fall into your children’s hands.
• Next you have to figure out where to spray, apply or place your pesticide so it will be most effective.
• Now you must balance the right dosage to maximize effectiveness while minimizing toxicity to your family.
• You have to ensure that you maintain a fixed schedule so you are ahead of that particular pest’s breeding cycle …

Effective Management of Pantry Pests

To discover some bugs in your food may be gross, but it isn’t unusual, since a lot of insects like to eat whatever foods we humans eat as well. Some foods which are commonly infested with pantry pests include cereals flour, baking mixes, cracked grains and processed foods, pasta, crackers, preserved Pest Control Sop Example meats, dried fruits, nuts, powdered milk, popcorn, and some kinds of spices. Insects which feed on any one of these products could go so far as to infect other grain-based foods such as pet food or birdseed. Ornamental corn and even dried flowers can also be a target for these pests.
The most common insects which infest stored foods are dermestid beetles, Indian meal moths, sawtooth grain beetles, flour beetles, cigarette and drugstore beetles, spider beetles, and weevils who infest grain, maize and rice.
There are several stages of an insect’s life which may be detectable at the same time in infested products (egg, larva, pupa, and adult). Since houses are generally kept warm, insects may continue to reproduce in these infested products.
The first sign of being infested is often the occurrence of little brown beetles, worms or perhaps moths in your cupboards or counters. A thorough inspection of opened packages or food containers may also show the presence of these invaders. Even unopened packages can be infested with insects since they can easily chew into cardboard and foil packaging, or can be brought along when you unwittingly purchase an infested product. If left to their own devices, they will multiply and spread to other foods.
If you suspect an infestation is present, you should locate the source immediately. The source of an infestation would typically be hard to find, and may be located in nooks or crannies in your cupboard. Consider the possibility of food spills and perform a thorough cleaning of the house, making sure to vacuum even the nooks and crannies and the corners of hard to reach furniture and appliances.
After inspecting and a thorough cleaning, you should try to find which items you already have at present are infested. These should be gotten rid of immediately, making sure not to overlook unopened boxes which can still harbor insects.
You can choose to throw away infested items or salvage them by throwing them into the fridge for three to four days to effectively kill whatever is inside the containers. Putting them in an over at 140 degrees Fahrenheit will also do the trick.
Never employ the use of pesticides or insecticides as home pest control. Use non toxic methods. The best is home pest control method is to remove the infested items and vacuum the area thoroughly. Be sure to store foods in airtight containers made of glass, metal, or heavy plastic. Storing foods in the freezer or refrigerator is also a perfect way to ensure efficient pest control.
If insects still continue to appear, re-check for other possible infested items and check other rooms where insects may house themselves. …

The Different Types of Pest Control

7 Pest Control Physical Pest Control Tips

Get rid of their food–keep food put away in sealed packages or the refrigerator; remove debris, crumbs & grease especially from cracks & crevices. Don’t forget pet food left out or opened bags left in the laundry room or garage. For a persistent pet food infestation place pet food bowl in a larger shallow pan fill with water to create a natural barrier. Eliminating as much as possible removes the pest’s food source.

Get rid of their water–look for areas of excess moisture such as under sinks, shower/bath areas, hot water heaters, over-irrigating at exterior perimeter, & air-conditioning units re-direct or eliminate to remove pest’s water source. Gutters holding decomposing organic leaf matter should be cleaned regularly.

Get rid of their homes-inspect storage areas at interior & exterior & either place away from the structure such as firewood or place in plastic airtight bins to eliminate pest’s harborage areas. Remember this includes the garage & attic especially if cardboard storage boxes are being used. Plastic is recommended as cardboard is the perfect home since it can be a food source & a “nursery” for pests.

Get rid of branches & trim plants too close to structure. Keep trimmed about 2 Does Paint Thinner Kill Bed Bugs feet away to remove easy traveling from plant/tree to structure entry points.

Get rid of entry points-inspect structure exterior & seal up obvious entry points around electrical conduits, pipes, windows & doors. Foam sealant in a can is a quick as well as inexpensive fix. Weather stripping at windows & doors will not only keep out pests but improve energy efficiency.

Get rid of over the counter pesticides if you are not seeing results. Use pesticides wisely – understand how they work & why. Know how to use them & what pests they affect. Ineffective use of pesticide is not just a waste of money but an environmental hazard for your family & pets. It is important to know how to use the pesticide, where it can be used, how much & how often to use it. Over application is as bad as under application. Applying the wrong products at the wrong areas will only cause the pests to scatter & multiply.

Get rid of unlicensed applicator’s who are “doing it on the side” the liability is ultimately not worth the savings if any. The consumer has no recourse – what if the applicator is injured on your property? What if misapplication of pesticide causes injury/damage to you or your neighbors or pets? Or worse yet is applying pesticide you cannot see incorrectly in your home? A licensed, insured & bonded state regulated Pest Control provider must meet rigorous criteria to obtain & maintain their licenses. This is to protect the consumer. Know your pest control provider & make sure they are indeed state licensed & insured. See if they belong to industry related organizations & consumer protection organizations such as the Better Business Bureau.

3 Most …

Ensure Your Home Is Pest Free With These Great Pest Control Tips

Pests can pose a lot of problems in many homes. Apart from eating up wooden furniture and spoiling the very appearance of expensive items of furniture these termites and white ants may cause Houseplant Sticky Stakes allergies especially in young children. Pests cannot be avoided in any home and all that can be done is to have your home regularly inspected for pests by commercial pest control services.
If the home is subjected to pest inspection on a regular basis then infestation can be done and major damage and ruin can be avoided. Hiring a renowned pest control company to have your home free of the termites and other pests is the only way to ensure that your home stays clean.
As the home owner you can do your bit to see to it that your pest problem is nipped in the bud. You can keep rubbish such as old utensils, timber, old branches and sticks away from the foundation and the Do It Yourself Home Pest Control walls of the house. Termites and pests find shelter in these things and they provide an entry for them into the house as they much their way through them without anyone noticing the impending damage.
You should also keep a close watch to the outside of your home. make sure there is no timber growing anywhere near the walls on the outside or look out for sure signs of termite infestation such as sawdust in small heaps or tunnel of mud like material rising from the surface of your house walls. If you have a basement then checking it regularly will keep your pest problem at bay.
There are a few things which attract pest like mouse to cheese and these include old logs, timber growing anywhere near the walls, a garden right up against the house or even fire wood stored somewhere near the home. If you take these small measures to keep pests at bay then your infestation problem might not turn out so bad.…

Home Protection in Hard Times

Home security is a top concern to home owners when the economy takes a turn for the Pest Control Library worst. This is a series of tips for your home security when you are home or away.
Mail & Newspapers:
If you are planning to be away for an extended period of time have your mail and newspapers stopped or picked up by your closet neighbor, friend, or relative.
Notifying Neighbors:
Notifying neighbors is always a good policy. Letting a couple of your close neighbors know your leaving town can be effective so they can keep an eye out for any problems. But, letting to many know is a very bad idea. It might not be your neighbor that tries to break in, but it very well just might be some one they told by accident or on purpose that would. Be careful not to let the whole world know when you will be gone on a vacation. Pick your closest neighbor to mow the lawn, pick up papers, get the mail and leave a number where you can be reached in case of an emergency. If you trust them to go inside your house to feed the pets then you will have to leave them a key.
Friend or Relative:
It is good to find a close friend or relative you can trust to actually live in your home or come and visit daily or every other day to take care of all the daily chores when gone for a long period of time. The lawn gets mowed, the mail and paper is picked up, the animals get fed, the lawns & plants get watered, the cars get moved around, and you don’t have to throw out any food before leaving. If you decide to go this way, make certain whoever has access to your house will be responsible and will know what to How Often Should Pest Control Be Done do in case of an emergency and can handle any situation if needed. They will need the phone numbers of neighbors you trust, alarm codes, keys to property and property gates, if you want cars moved they will need your car keys. Make sure you leave all information on how they can get a hold of you and when of course you will be back at home. This is not recommended for everyone, you can only do this with responsible people you can trust and feel comfortable leaving in your home knowing they can handle anything.
Gates, Garage, & Storage Areas:
Install locks on all gates, put a padlock on the garage door even if you have the automatic garage door closer, these can be pried up and crawled under. Install locks on storage area or shed, and lock up all ladders, gardening tools, etc.…

Controlling Cockroach Infestations

Cockroaches are unwanted creatures that tend to not only cause contamination to our homes, but also pose a threat to our health. They consume our food, crawl on our tables, plates, utensils, tooth brushes, clothing, and almost everywhere!
These pests harbor a lot of disease causing pathogens, not to mention that some of the bacteria that live in them are responsible for cases such as food poisoning due to the fact that when cockroaches crawl on surfaces, they leave off bacteria. In some cases, they tend to cause asthma in humans too as the bits of their excretion when inhaled, trigger allergic reactions.
Seemingly a predicament in the first place, these infestations can finally be put to an end with these helpful methods:
• Use “Exclusion” as a means of getting rid of roaches. This technique involves decreasing the chances of roach movement from place to Pest Control In Pharmacy place including the reduction of potential places where they hide such as areas that are moist and contain natural materials such as wood.
Exclusion can be done through sealing holes and cracks any corner of your home which roaches can use to gain access. Materials such as silicone sealant can be utilized. Before sealing though, thorough inspection must be done with the use of a flash light or a mechanic’s mirror.
• Never underestimate the importance of sanitation. Cockroaches love to live in an environment that is unsanitary. To do this, eliminate Pest Control Concentrate any sources of food and water that roaches feed on. Remove all dirt and moisture. You can do vacuuming in accomplishing this.
• Pesticide application is also effective. Keep in mind to base the pesticide application on labels. Some instructions may tell you to leave the area for a couple of minutes after spraying to prevent yourself from inhaling the aerosol droplets. When spraying, make sure that you spray close to the area where roaches are located for effectiveness.
• Sticky traps can also be utilized to catch roaches and are widely available in every store. They can be very beneficial too as the trap will be able to give you a clue where the roaches usually stay.
• Dusts that contain Boric acid can be an effective means in killing roaches. They usually are available in squeeze bottles. When using this, apply to cracks and holes and make sure you apply them only as thin, visible layers. However, be very patient as it may take several days or a few weeks for roaches to die.
With the application of pesticide together with sanitation, exclusion, sticky traps, manual killing and all others, the effectiveness of roach elimination depends on your patience and the proper use of the above-mentioned techniques.
Always remember that a combination of both pesticide and non-pesticide use is better than the use of only either of the two.…

Tips for a Pest Free Home

The total value and condition of your house is measured not only on your indoor and outdoor area but also on its overall component and structure up to its tiniest details. A livable house is the one that is worth dwelling and this is possible if your house is free from destructive pests and insects. Always keep proper sanitation and household maintenance to avoid infestation in your home. Maintaining a pest free home will definitely increase the value of your home and property.

Before buying pesticides and other pest control products, check first your home structure and components as well as the insects and pests that invade your home. It is important to inspect your outdoor to prevent pests and insects to enter your home. Inspect for holes, cracks and crevices because they may serve as passageway for pests to enter your home and serve as their dwelling place. Aside from this, check also your gutters, drain pipes, drainage and other possible areas for pests to dwell and multiply.

Inside the house, inspect the walls and check for holes and cracks as well. Cleaning your home is the best way to prevent insects and pests within your property. Dirty environment is one major cause of pests’ infestation. Cleanliness and hygiene is the most effective way to drive away pests. Clean areas of your house that have clutter like piles of newspapers and cardboards, and other wastes. Moreover, clean your kitchen always because it is prone to insects and pests particularly cockroaches and rats. Always clean your cupboards, faucets, cabinets, shelves and every surface that is exposed to food and other dirt.

Another important thing is to make sure that every part of the house is safe and secured by ensuring that everything is well repaired and fixed. It is also best to seek help from pest control services to ensure that your property is totally free from pests. If you are going to apply pest control by yourself, make use of natural and organic pest control products because it is safer for kids and pets.

Our family deserves the best place to live in. The best home for your family is the one that is pest free and other insects as well. This is not only for your home but for your family’s health and protection as well. Below are the listed factors that you can do to avoid pest infestations:

Piles of wood, lumber, stones and bricks should be kept away from home. Do not pile them near your outdoor wall to prevent easy access of pests and insects. It may provide them food and shelter.

Cover your garbage and trash cans so that pests will not be able to get into it and reside in it. As much as possible, place garbage cans on cement ground.

Make sure to completely turn off your hose to avoid water leak that may serve as food source for pests. It may also serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Seal or cover …

Residential Pest Control: 10 Signs You Have a Termite Problem

Though it is wintertime and most seasonal pests are taking a holiday from infesting your home, termites can still prove to be a residential Corded Electric Lawn Mower pest control problem. The tricky part about termite infestations is that they are good at hiding long enough until the issue is noticeable.
Being aware of the signs of a potential termite infestation can help you get in contact with your local pest control company so that they can do a home pest inspection and take care of the problem before it gets out of control.
Here are 10 termite infestation warning signs:
1. Flying Termites. Though they may not be directly from your home, flying termites that hang around your home’s exterior lights may come from a nearby outdoor nest. You should get a home pest inspection if you see these pests or their wings on a regular basis just in case.
2. Shelters. Ask your local pest control company for advice if you find any termite holes or mud tunnels on or near your property. Don’t forget to check on trees around your home for larger mud nests. Those pests may not have set up shop in your home yet, but it doesn’t mean they won’t eventually.
3. Remains. Finding termite carcasses, wings, and sand-sized droppings inside of your home are signals for you to get in contact with residential pest control services as soon as possible.
4. Excess dirt or water. Cool, wet areas around your house and yard are ideal areas for termites to get lots of water, stay moist, and survive. Water stains on the walls of your home and dirt and water on the floor of your basement are indicators that you may need a home pest inspection.
5. Outdoor sightings. Along with mud tunnels on damp ground around your home, trees damaged by termite holes are Using Insecticides On Vegetables a good sign of a close-by colony. Keep your residential pest control senses on high alert for these signals.
6. Window and door cracks. Contact your local pest control company for tips on how to protect your home when there are cracks and seams on window seals and doors in your home.
7. Indoor sightings. If you spot a termite inside of your home, chances are there is an infestation or a nest nearby. An entire colony may infest your home before you see your fist live specimen, so if you see one, contact a home pest inspection service immediately.
8. Hollow wood. Going around your home and knocking on the major wood beams and boards can help you detect if there is a termite infestation. If you knock and there is a hollow sound, there’s a good chance you have termites eating your home from the inside out. Again, contact the pest professionals as soon as possible.
9. Exterior wood damage. Cracks and fissures in large wood beams and small holes and shredded areas along floor boards and ceilings are drastic signs of a …

Solve Your Pigeon Problem

Pigeons, we always see them on the top of tall buildings or wandering around in the city centre. Whilst they may seem fairly harmless, they can be an extreme pest. Not only can they ruin the aesthetics of a building with their fouling, but they can also be dangerous as this fouling often carries diseases such as Ornithosis (a viral disease that is similar to “flu”) and Salmonella bacteria. In addition to this, a pigeon’s feces also contains uric acids which are highly corrosive meaning that they can seriously deface and damage any structures over a period of time.
If pigeon proofing is not carried out, the chances of contracting a transmitted disease is high. Pigeons in great numbers can be a real pest, particularly in urban areas. The busy life within cities or towns does not deter them in any way and so they feel comfortable building their nests onto man-made structures. Their nests often carry mites and insects which can wander to other parts of a building. This often results in further pest problems occurring within the building itself. They can sometimes cause drains and gutters to block which often leads to flooding. Any debris that they leave behind is often caught by the wind and collates in these areas, eventually causing a blockage. It is therefore essential to carry out some pigeon proofing on the area that is most affected.
This is often an extremely humane process and rather than injuring the birds in any way, it simply prevents them from returning to their homing site and instead, forces them to look for a nesting spot elsewhere. A bird net is made from extremely durable material that will withstand all weathers. This would be perfect to deter pigeons as it creates a complete barrier between the bird and its homing spot. Another method of effective pigeon proofing is by utilising fine metal spike that run along window ledges, chimneys, signs etc. As pigeons like to rest on flat edges, they are immediately put off from utilising any area that has these metal spikes.
Whilst these are used primarily for pigeons in an urban area, they can also help to deter other nuisance birds such as crows and gulls. Utilising sprung wires is another form of pigeon proofing. This is more commonly used on window ledges where a number of stainless steel wires are placed across the surface of the ledge in order Principle And Objectives Of Pest Management to keep it protected. Pigeons are prevented from landing on the ledge by wires that are attached to a spring which is set at a precise tension. These are often deemed to be the best method of pigeon proofing as whilst they are effective, they are also barely noticeable so they will not ruin the aesthetics of a building.
If you are suffering with a pigeon problem, all of these methods are effective but humane and will successfully solve your pest trouble. If you are unsure on which method …

New York and Its Bed Bug Problem

The people of New York used to worry about the growing population of rats that was pestering their city, but these days they have something else to be concerned about. Bed bugs have invaded New York in a big way, a very big way. In 2004, there were 82 confirmed incidents of bed bugs in New York, in 2009, there were 10,985. That is a huge rise by anyone’s standards.
It used to be alleged that bed bugs were a poor family’s problem because they lived in squalor. This is not true, they like all classes of people and all types of homes. Recently, part of a hospital was closed down in Brooklyn because of bed bugs and before that two fashionable clothing stores owned by Abercrombie had to be de-infested in Manhattan.
These bugs really do not care where they live. Bedbugs move from one location to the next by a process widely known as hitch-hiking. If you bought clothing from an infected Best Pest Control Spray For Homes shop, there may be a bedbug in the lining or there may be a couple of eggs in a pocket, when you have taken your new garment home, you will start a new infestation there.
Or you could be seated in a bus and one will creep up your back and under your collar where it can sleep or lay eggs. When you get home, you will hang your coat up and the bug will go Neem Oil Bed Bug Spray Recipe searching for food within five days. If it was a pregnant female, then you could have eggs hatching out within ten days. Females can lay a couple of eggs a day for months on end.
It is a rule of thumb, that once you are able to spot bed bugs, you have an infestation, because we are not generally on the look out for them, they are very shy and they usually only come out in the twilight before dawn, while you are asleep.
Joel Roodman, the film-maker and his wife, Ms Taft, a former top fashion model, were ‘shocked and horrified’ that their $18,000 holiday rental was ‘crawling’ with bed bugs. One New York pest control company said that they are being more and more often being called to commercial buildings such as ‘… banks, grocery stores, cinemas, judges’ chambers, schools, dentists’ offices – everywhere’.
Needless to say, hotels are also being affected. One complainant reported finding a sated bedbug. When he complained to the receptionist, he was told: ‘Welcome to New York’. In an incident map of the top ten cities infected by bed bugs, New York came in second. Columbus, Ohio was first and Toronto, Canada was third.
Fortunately, bed bugs do not convey diseases, but they are pretty horrifying creatures. They insert two tubes into their victims, one squirts in spittle which contains anticoagulant and anaesthetic and the other sucks blood.
They like to strike an hour before dawn and they have usually sated …