How Did They Gain Entrance to My Home?

We want to think burglars are stupid, so stupid they can’t get a real job. We want to believe they are lazy. Not true, burglars are just misdirected in the use of their talents and believe me some of them are very talented. I will act as the burglar and tell you how I got into your house and why I choose you.

You know me I delivered your refrigerator, cleaned your carpets and painted the trim on your house.

I saw your alarm control panel at the front door through the decorative glass.

I watched your house for newspapers piling up.

I was the first to notice your lawn was not trimmed for over a week.

When you didn’t remove the flyers I taped to your front door, I knew you were not home.

I hate alarms over the sink and motion detectors, and even worse I hate window alarms on the second floor, thanks for not installing them.

Without an alarm system you actually gave me a few more minutes to select the items I wanted to steal, and those alarms wake the neighbors and get the police involved.

I’m glad you had no security cameras, I hate that the police use video surveillance system recordings as evidence.

Thanks for hiding your valuables in the sock drawer and medicine cabinet. Did you really think I wouldn’t lift the mattress? You should have gotten a diversion safe.

Thanks for turning off all radios and televisions. I like working when it’s quiet.

Didn’t you tell your neighbors to watch over the house and didn’t get one of those dog alarms. I hate nosey neighbors and dogs.

When I saw that 60″ flat screen TV carton by your trash can, I selected your house to rob.

Thanks for the extension-ladder in the backyard; I had no trouble getting into the second story window.

You forgot to set that alarm system because you were only going to be gone for a few hours. Thank you!

I’ll tell if your home by knocking ad pretending to offer handy man services. You don’t need to check me out or notify the police, as I would never rob you.

Nasty day, rain, cold weather and you are in a hurry to get going. Forgot to lock the door? I work in good or bad weather, I really don’t care.

If you hadn’t let me use your bathroom last week when I was working in your yard, I couldn’t have unlocked the bathroom window.

You live in a safe neighborhood, so don’t worry about remembering to lock the door. I knocked and you didn’t answer, I tried the knob and got lucky.

Thanks for leaving all window blinds and shades open Physical Methods Of Pest Control Pdf for me so I could select the items I wanted to steal.

Remember you announced your vacation on Facebook; it was very easy for me to look up your address.

You had a safe! I’m glad you didn’t bolt it down, so it was easy for me to pick up and carry it out.

When you saw me in your backyard, it was all right, because I had a clipboard.

When you bought that diversion safe, I’m glad you didn’t put it into the kid’s room as I hardly ever take time to go there. It was so handy on the counter looking out-of-place.

Before you left, you cracked a couple windows open for fresh air. I would have closed them if I suspected rain.

Now let’s look at what we can do to deter a burglar from entering your house and stealing your possessions. First make sure all windows are locked and use a door brace on sliding glass doors. Install dead-bolt locks on the doors and use the locks that require a key from both sides. Get a couple timers for lights to make it look like someone is occupying the house at night. Trim your hedges around windows and mow your lawn just prior to leaving. Get a security camera or camera system. The security camera’s presence will deter a burglar, but if they ignore the camera, you have a video record to take to the police. Fake dummy cameras can make your video system seem bigger than it really is and a barking dog alarm will deter a burglar. Enhance your video security with “Beware of Dog” signs and security system stickers. Obtain diversion safes for money, valuables and jewelry.

Upgrade your outdoor lighting with motion sensing lights. Keep your garage door closed and if you purchase high dollar items, keep the boxes in the garage until you can cut them up or drop them off at a commercial disposal site. Lock ladders to the wall with a chain and lock up any pry bars, crowbars and other “tools of entry” in your toolbox. Don’t make it easy for them to rob you.

If you have purchase and existing home or rent your home or apartment, a wireless alarm system is easy to install and very inexpensive. The wireless alarm system can dial the police and others to alert them of an intrusion. Glass breakage or window alarms and motion detectors are a necessity to make the alarm fully effective. If you have a friend or relative you can trust, have them stop by the house to collect mail, put out the trash and check the premises at least twice a week while you are gone.

If you have a rather large home or detached buildings with tools and equipment you can purchase a Voice alert system to tell you someone has entered a part of the house that is vacant or one of your out buildings. This alarm can be set to give you different messages such as “car entering driveway”, “person entering the pool” or “someone entered the garage”. You can put the receiver in your bedroom, home office or kitchen to give you a feeling of security while you focus on other things.

If you have been robbed, you are very likely to be robbed again, unless you change things. Whatever it was that attracted them in the first place makes you a target to be robbed again. A typical home can be equipped with a video camera security Cabbage Pests And Diseases Pictures system, a wireless alarm system, door braces and a voice alert system for under $1,000.00. This is very inexpensive insurance for your valuables, and should bring the cost of home insurance down to help you pay for all this equipment.