Is Your Home an Easy Target for Thieves?

Home protection has become increasing important to families everywhere. Unfortunately, many people have a false sense of security thinking that a locked door is enough security protection for their home.

Is your home an easy target for a thief? Consider these 2 common Potential Pest Meaning weak-links which might allow unwanted access to your home.

Can a Thief Gain Access Through Your Exterior Doors?

A locked front door may not be as secure as you think. Entrance doors should be made of solid hardwood or metal and strong enough to deter would-be thieves. Hollow doors are easy to spot and easier to break through. A tough exterior door will discourage possible break-ins and have burglars moving along to an easier target.

The locking system should be the best quality dead bolt with at least l inch long blots into the hardwood.

One area many people forget is the strike-plates. This metal place that is attached to the door frame usually has very short screws which will not hold up well under pressure. Be sure to have minimum 3 inch screws in the strike-plates for added security.

Exterior doors must fit tightly to the door frame to prevent Organic Pest Control Products For Home insertion of a crowbar or tool that can force open the door.

Entrance doors should have a peep-hole so you can easily and clearly see visitors. This is especially important is your door does not have a side window. The peep-hole allows you to view all visitors without ever having to open your door to a stranger. This is an inexpensive but excellent way to stop unwanted guests.

Can a Thief Gain Access Through Your Windows:

A nice design feature of many entrance doors is a glass insert or glass side panel. If you have this feature, a dead bolt alone will not provide the security protection you need. Breaking the window and unlocking the dead bolt is an easy entrance for burglars.

Consider installing break resistant glass such as Plexiglas, or replacing the entire entrance doorway with a non-glass entrance. Installing a small glass window over the top of the doorway is a safer option.

Are your windows equipped with secure locks especially on the ground level? It is always advisable to lock windows and never leave a window open at night on the ground level.

If you live in a one-story home, consider purchasing a security bar that allows you to open your window a few inches for air flow, but not enough that someone could access the bar and remove it.

An open window is an open invitation to unwanted guests, so you may want to consider central air conditioning so you can lock those windows over night.

Have a good look at the possible weak-links in your home and take action to better secure your home.

The added comfort of a Home Protection System or Security Surveillance System will give you even more peace-of-mind for your home and family.