Effectively Control Fleas

One of the best methods of pest management, especially when it comes to controlling a flea infestation in your home is to deal with the four life cycles of the flea. There are several methods of home pest control which will be discussed throughout this article regarding effective flea eradication. The common notion that the more chemicals you use the better it is to get rid of fleas isn’t generally a good tip. For one, it can seriously harm your pets, and for seconds, it can harm you as well. Any product of a synthetic make can be highly hazardous when used in excess, and most anti-flea products in the market today are synthetic.
It is important to always read the label and follow instructions closely before using any synthetic pesticide product. It is also important to try and find organic pest control How To Avoid Rats At Home Naturally methods instead. However, if adverse reaction happen upon application, especially in the case of application to pets, do not lose time and call a vet immediately.
On the first sign of a flea attack, you should give your pet a flea bath to allay the situation immediately, since this is the time when your pet will have a large number of visible fleas all over its body. There are medicated anti-flea shampoos made for this purpose, however they are not a permanent solution to your flea problem, since there is always the possibility of re-infestation.
Another solution which will not only get rid of fleas, but ticks, lice, and even mites is the use of synthetic chemical flea dips. However, since the chemicals used are often harsh, it is not advisable to use it often. Flea dips will only last for as long as one or two weeks before re-application is required.
A layer of protection may be applied to your pet’s fur by using anti-flea sprays or powders, which will protect your pets for Pest Control Technician Pay some two to three days. Anti-flea sprays and powders which offer protection against flea larvae and eggs is your best choice.
Only ten percent of the flea population on your pet is visible, while all the rest consists of some ninety percent of eggs, larvae, and pupae which remain unseen. Ridding yourself of only the ten percent will not solve your problem at all! Ensuring that the whole of the flea population is eradicated will ensure that re-infestation will not occur.
Vacuuming is one good way of ensuring that the flea population is thoroughly eradicated. This ensures that whatever eggs or larvae that might have been scattered around will not re-infest the host. This also cleans off any traces of eggs or larvae within the premises before they develop and infest. Daily cleaning and proper disposal of the bags is a must to ensure no fleas escape or survive. The use of insecticides for thorough cleaning may also be opted with the help of a professionally trained exterminator. Ensure that no pets or people are within the vicinity, and that all foods and items which might be contaminated are safely stowed away before the application of insecticide. Proper application and pest management will ensure that your home remains flea free every single day!