Crystal Healing For Home Protection

Home protection is a big thing for almost everyone on one level or another. The one I am referring to today is working on an energetic level and healing vibrational matches. We are all exposed to different energies throughout our days with work, home, school, 4 D For Pest Control friends, family, co-workers, shopping, and the list goes on and on. One place that should be a safe haven from these energies is our own homes. I am going to explain in a very clear-cut format how you can do this, even without any major crystal training.
First what you want to do is make sure you know how many rooms are in your house total. If there are six, eight, twelve, etc as this pays a big toll in knowing how many crystals you will need for your home protection. Once you know how many rooms total, including every room, even small utility rooms or crawl spaces should be counted, you will need to go to your local crystal shop or online store to make sure you have enough crystals to get for this protection. What you will be doing is laying out an energy grid amongst your home to keep this safe.
You will need one Clear Quartz and one Black Obsidian for each and every room of your home. So if you have an eight room house, you will need eight Clear Quartz crystals and eight Black Obsidian. These can be found very inexpensively, and for the price of protection on an energetic level, you can’t beat this type of work.
Next you want to cleanse and charge them for the protection of your home. You can even add in the programming your physical address is you wish Pest Control Manual Pdf to be very particular about this. The crystals will know when you are laying them out what they are for, but do what feels comfortable for you.
You want to place the Clear Quartz and Black Obsidian in opposite corners of the same room. Then for the next room, you want to remember where you placed them in the adjoining room and make sure you still have the opposites facing each other. So another words, you do not want to have two Clear Quartz right next to each other, even though they are separate by a physical wall with the rooms, you want to make sure they are facing the opposites of the crystals. Once you have placed them all out let them settle into their new homes for at least 24 hours to align the grid work on its own. This will hold its vibrational level for about 30 days, so make sure to cleanse, program and place them back in their spots every month.