Don’t Let Your Home Be Terrorized By Ants

Ants can be a source of great domestic discomfort and distress. When they begin to swarm your home, they can damage food stocks and even contribute to the collapse of structures. Another irritable action ants do is when they bite you Pest Control Forum Usa when you get in their way or threaten them. You can do home pest management to control ant population and altogether eradicate ants from your house. Ant control can be done through several means, among them organic pest control.
Organic pest control is safer because you don’t use chemicals that can be harmful to your health. It involves using natural insect-repelling plants and other natural elements like water. Their effectiveness is due to their characteristics and the method of their application. To effectively combat ants, find their food source and find their colonies. Their food source can be the food you left out in the open or the moisture or pool of water in your kitchen sink. Since ants have very sensitive sensors, they can track food and water from meters away. Exposing food serves as invitation to ants into your house.
Store away opened food in the refrigerator to avoid attracting ants. You should also dry up your sink and other moist areas in your home. You will notice ants following the same trails in your house. These are because they are following scent trails left by scout ants so they can go back and forth the food source and their colonies. You can use this ant trails to locate the ant hill.
Follow the ant trails to get to the ant colonies. Ant colonies can be visible when they form mounds on the ground. But these ant colonies actually run deep and wide underground. Stomping on the ant hill will not virtually eradicate the colonies. The best way to destroy them is by flooding them with boiling water. It usually takes three gallons of water to flood an entire colony.
You can also mix mint leaves in your boiling water. The smell of mint will be too strong for ants to stand. To keep ants from rebuilding their colonies in your yard, plant mint around your house. After you’ve destroyed the colony, go back to the ant trails. To wipe out the scent trails, mix citrus with water. The strong scent will disorient the ants. You can also use the mint mixture.
Home pest management does take a lot of effort. But if you keep your house clean at all times, taking care to keep your food stored in their proper places and all areas dry, you can prevent ants from swarming your place. But organic pest control can only go a distance. There are instances when ant infestation becomes Boric Acid For Ants Outside uncontrollable. When this happens, you can’t keep the burden to yourself. You need to call expert help. Professional pest management services are equipped with knowledge, methods and tools to effectively stop ant infestation. They know the best way to apply pest control methods that will not endanger your health.