Easy Creations: Organic Pest Control for Your Garden

Ever dreamt of a pest-free garden without having to spend too much on commercial pesticide usage? Well, it’s quite an achievable goal. There are a lot of organic pest control products that can Pest Control Office Assistant Job Description be simply acquired and can be created in the comforts of your own home. You can read further of this article to help you make natural organic pest control using free resources from your house.

Always remember that organic insecticides work effectively in several ways. You’ll just have to remember to factor in the following: smell, fumes or heat, oil, soap, and gases. Just take for example a strong scent. Something that smells very strong can actually help repel pests. So you can always count on a few organic pesticide materials to help you kill unfavorable insects (these can be in the form of garlic, fish, tobacco, etc.). You can also count on some plants to produce their own organic insecticide. Some plants have it in their mechanisms to expel certain oils or odors that can help them ward off of lingering pests.

Do it yourself organic insect control can be produced within your capabilities. The free resources that can be found from your home can even make natural pesticide, natural insecticide, repellents and even fungicides recipes. Here are a few recipes that you can try producing on your own:

Pesticide Spray using Garlic as the main ingredient – Prepare about 3 to 4 ounces of chopped garlic bulbs. Then have these soaked throughout the day in 2 tbsp worth of mineral oil. Also have 1 tbsp of fish emulsion dissolved in water (a pint worth) and have this mixed into your garlic liquid. After mixing both substances, have these strained. Only use this garlic solution by diluting it with water (1 is to 20). This bug pest control can help eliminate insects such as aphids and flies.

Bug repellent using onion and mint as the main ingredient.

Milk as a fungicide – You can use milk mixed with zucchini and cucumber, and have Choisya Pests And Diseases this mixture sprayed on mildew. It can help destroy this powdery yeast material.

Salt as an insect repellent – You can also use salt to form a barrier for insects, specifically for ants. Salt can actually have a burning and harmful effect on certain insects.

A pest control spray using mineral oil or vegetable oil – Oils like these, when sprayed on soft-bodied pests can actually cause these insects to suffocate.

Now, also bear into mind not to overdo your applications. Your organic pest control products should only be used on plants that have been affected. Don’t apply on healthy plants if you think they can be spared of this. You should know that the beneficial insects that may also be around can be affected from these products too. So apply with care as well.