Door Break-In Security – The Best Door Break-In Security Measures

According to the FBI, more than 60% of break-ins involve forced entry. What this means to you as a homeowner, is that simply closing and locking your doors isn’t enough to protect your home from unwanted intruders. Providing your home with adequate door break-in security requires you to think more critically about these entry points to your home. Most criminals plan to break one or more elements of your doors to get into the house. If you’re only providing a single level of protection, they won’t have a problem breaking through this one layer of security to get to the goods within.
Before considering all your options for expensive and elaborate door locks, you should consider the security of your door frame. Reinforcing your door frame is much easier and less expensive than upgrading your locks. With a weak frame, even very good locks can become compromised. A visit to your local hardware store will give you ample resources for learning how to reinforce your door frame. This is a task that many homeowners can perform themselves. Go around you home and reinforce every door for the highest level of door break-in security. This measure will effectively make your locks much more secure.
Consider these features when you’re selecting door Pest Control Documentation locks to get the best door break-in security.
• Install a heavy-duty strike plate around your lock no matter what lock you choose.
• Make sure the screws on your strike plate are at least three inches.
• Use a deadbolt with a throw bolt of at least one inch.
Talk to local law enforcement or lock installation companies about the type of locks that are most secure, especially for your area. Criminals are continually coming up with new methods for breaking into homes. Find out what locks have proven the most vulnerable lately.
The door itself is another major consideration when you’re trying to enhance your door break-in security. The best doors are made from metal or fiberglass. Choose a door with little to no glass. Laminated glass is safer and more difficult to break through for doors that do have glass. This is a Choisya Pests And Diseases smart choice for sliding glass doors. A peephole will enhance your security by making it easier for you to see who is outside. Don’t neglect any entry points into your home. Consider your garage door, the door leading from your garage into your house, and all front or back doors to the home.