Unclogging Your Bathroom Sink

Unclogging Your Bathroom Sink

Every bathroom sink will get clogged some day. It is extremely annoying, and it can be easily avoided, if proper measures are taken on time. As a matter of fact, hairs, soaps, creams, and other stuff will clog your bathroom sink some day. Many common stuff that you use regularly in your bathroom tend to stick together to form a clog. If you take some measures, like letting hot boiling water flow down the sink every now and then, you won’t have any trouble. However, in most cases, people only think about it when it is already too late and the bathroom sink is clogged.

Depending on the type of clogging, it can be partial or total; you’ll need to take different measures. Partial types of clogging are much easier to unclog than a complete clogging. Just try the idea cited above and let some liters of hot boiling water down the drain. It helps in many cases, but not all. And this is completely useless for a complete clogging.

Additionally to the hot water, you can increase the pressure applying a plunger. You should always have one at home. Someday you’ll need it. Don’t give up after a couple of tries. Let hot water flow, use the plunger and repeat it some dozen times. If it works, let plenty of hot water flow. This will avoid that the drain get clogged on a lower place with the same stuff.

An extreme measure, to be applied if nothing else works, is taking apart the tail piece of the bathroom sink. However, no matter how extreme this measure is, it only works for superficial clogs. If your bathroom sink is clogged at a deeper level, then it won’t work.

If you are into it and want to try everything, also try to push a tube down the drain and pump out the water of the drain. Afterwards let some hot water with caustic soda down the drain, this will reach the clog, and if it is organic, dissolve it.

However, not every clog is caused by organic elements, and so you should work in another direction. For that you’ll need a drill snake. There are not many types of clogging which can resist a drill snake. If you buy one, try to find the longest possible. Since you’ll need it not only for your bathroom sink, but all other sinks or drains in your home could also get clogged.