A Copper Apron Sink – Three Important Factors to Consider When Searching For a Copper Apron Sink

A Copper Apron Sink – Three Important Factors to Consider When Searching For a Copper Apron Sink

One of the latest home improvement trends is the copper apron sink. These sinks are produced from copper-sheets through numerous hammering and heating processes. Often they are made of recycled sheets to create a much cheaper product. However, bear in mind that the purer the copper-content is, the more durable and stronger the sink will be. When looking for these basins, choose the one that addresses your needs.

Manufacturer and Warranty

When you are on the hunt for the perfect sink, make sure to check the manufacturer of the product and the warranty being offered. Typically, the best companies to consider are those that operate in the U.S. as other countries usually include lead on their product. If the company is unknown, move to other products. Also checking the warranty will give you the peace of mind that the product is safe and with good quality.

Thickness and Finished

It is encouraged that you go for heavy 16 gauge copper-material. Generally, the thinner ones are easily dented and wrapped. You are not guaranteed if these sinks will last or not. A thicker sink will give you assurance that the basins will not be dented by mere pots and pans. In addition, avoid sinks that have added artificial finished. This is because artificial finished can affect the natural qualities of the copper-sheet.

Shape and Style

Copper kitchen sinks are available in different shapes and styles. The depth and shape of the sinks will determine its efficiency. The deep basins are most often not recommended as they are quite inconvenient to use. The 8 inches depth basins are enough to give you less strain when cleaning. On the other hand, choose sinks with rounded inner corners instead of the angled soldered corners. The latter one is expected to hold a great amount of water however it is also expect to lose its capabilities over time.