4 Organic Pest Control Recipes That Work

Mankind has been killing pests since the beginning of civilization. Synthetic pesticides were not manufactured until the 1950s. That leaves hundred of years where insects and Bugs On Houseplants Home Remedies other pests were controlled with homemade remedies. There are many organic pest control recipes which use these methods, combined with a common sense practical approach.
Instead of chemical pesticides which can contaminate water, soil, and crops with toxins, many seemingly ordinary substances can deter pests. Here are some easy recipes that really work to control pests:
Know your insects
With an organic approach, there is a more diverse treatment plan. The problem with spraying or dusting with synthetic pesticides is that often gardeners and farmers took a shotgun approach, but with organic pest control recipes you can more specifically direct your treatment toward pests on a certain plant if you so desire. And, this way you do not kill the beneficial insects along with the bad ones.
Emptying a garden of all insects is not a good approach since so many insects are helpful to humans and are needed by nature for balance. So, know your insects so that you can identify the pests you want to eliminate and direct your efforts toward those. Get some insect identification books, check internet databases, and if all else fails, take the insect to your local agricultural extension agent and ask for help.
Spray and wash
Never underestimate the power of soap and water when battling garden pests. Some insects are so small and soft-shelled that a hard spray from a hose onto the plant leaves can kill them. When that doesn’t work, such as when the insects are hard-shelled and oblivious to water, like mites, aphids, whiteflies and thrips, you can add soap to the water. Soapy water does not hurt plants or vegetables but it means death for many types of insects.
All you need for this soapy recipe is dishwashing detergent and water. Add two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid to a gallon of warm water and suds it up. Pour the mix into a spray bottle and apply to the leaves of the plant, spraying the insects themselves whenever possible. Hold up the leaves and spray the under side of them as well. Dawn(TM) dishwashing liquid is perfect for killing pests. Bathe your dog with it to get rid of fleas.
Veggie oil and isopropyl alcohol
Two things which pests hate are vegetable oil and isopropyl alcohol, but these are two substances most people have on hand at home. It only takes a minute to find a container and mix together How To Do Pest Control At Home By Yourself a cup of vegetable oil and a tablespoon of dishwashing detergent. Add a tablespoon of this mix to your spray bottle, along with two cups of water. Now you are ready for organic pest control.
If the vegetable oil recipe is ineffective, try this one: Mix together one cup of isopropyl alcohol, one teaspoon vegetable oil and one quart …

Rats and Mice Control In Your Home

Having rodents such as rats and mice in your home can bring with it stress and unwanted grief. The main types of Rats found in many homes in are the Roof Rat, Norway Rat and the common house mouse. Although there are many more types of rodents these are the most common found in homes. They cause damage to your home, spread diseases, chew on cables, furniture, books and clothes. If you have a rodent problem it is best taken care of quickly as they can quickly multiply and you could soon find yourself with a major infestation.
Signs you may have rodents in your home are.
Droppings around your home. Droppings are small dark and shiny and become hard after 3 days.
Rub marks, these are greasy smear marks left behind by rodents on walls with continual impact. These appear as dirty greasy with rodent fur.
Burrows, are often present close to buildings and gardens where rodents may be nesting.
Urine stains of Rodents can be seen under an ultraviolet light showing where there may be a serious problem.
Gnaw marks. Rodents need to constantly gnaw to keep their teeth down as such The Bed Bug Inspectors you may find gnaw marks on woodwork, cables, food containers and furniture.
Disappearance of your food or boxes of food which may have been chewed through.
Rodent Control.
To discourage rodents from your home practice good sanitation methods, keep kitchen and house clean, keep food in containers, don’t leave pet food out, keep bin area’s clean, trim branches away from roofs and gutters. Proofing your home against easy access for these rodents. Patch up any access holes and keep lawns and gardens clean. Do store any rubbish against your home and ensure your bins are Rodent proof.
A very effective treatment at eliminating and Rats or Mice from your home is with professional rodent baiting by licensed Pest Control Businesses. These businesses can provide long lasting bait treatments. These baits are highly palatable to the rodents and once they have taken the bait they die off very quickly. Businesses will supply a lockable bait box which will prevent kids and pets from getting access to these baits as they could harm them if eaten by them.
Baits should be place in your roof void as this is where Rodents have usually set up their home. Lockable bait boxes should also be placed in your garage and around your garden.
This will provide a long lasting plan of attack against these Rodents. It is best Classification Of Insecticides Pdf to check these boxes regularly and replace any baits that may have been taken.
Following all these tips will help prevent and control any Rodents in and around your home.…

How to Start a Garden – Pest Control Tips

Probably one of the most rewarding skills gained when learning how to start a garden is what to do about pest control. Proper planning before you even put a plant or seed in the ground can pay dividends in the growth process when you have few pests to contend with. There are a few ways to organically use pest control in your garden.
Companion planting is a great way to minimize or eliminate pests before they even know you have a garden for them to try to invade. Companion planting is about putting plants together that compliment each other because they provide nutrients their neighbor needs, or they provide and environment their neighbor needs such as protection or shade, or they repel pests or attract beneficial insects that will prey on their neighbors pest.
When using companion planting for pest control, you want to make sure that the plants you put together will repel common pests or attract beneficial insects that prey on the neighboring plants pest. One example is ladybugs eat aphids. If you are planning to have plants that attract aphids, such as roses, it would be wise to also put in plants like fennel, dill, cilantro, caraway, angelica, tansy, wild carrot, yarrow,cosmos (especially the white ones), coreopsis, scented geraniums, or dandelions to attract ladybugs.
Another way to control the pests that you still may have even if you’ve minimized them with companion planting is to use a mixture of water with a little dish How To Prevent Pests In Plants soap, and/or garlic, hot peppers, onion and mint. Garlic repels many pests, including mosquitoes, and will also help repel some animals such as rabbits.
Neem oil is another water based spray that can be used. Mix some neem oil with water in a spray bottle. It is safe for you and the plants you spray, but the pests don’t like it.
Diatomaceous earth is a last resort. While it is safe for humans, as a pesticide it not only kills the bad insects, it also kills the beneficial insects. It is to an insect like swallowing chopped up razor blades to a human beings, and should only be considered in the worst infestations, if you don’t want to upset the balance of your beneficial insects.
When you’re learning or deciding how to start a garden, pre-planning your pest control Vinegar Pest Control will result in a happier more rewarding experience for you, and your garden.…

Some Tips To Buy Pest Control Products

Ants, flies, mosquitoes and even rodents can sometimes be a source of disturbance for you if they enter your home, garden or even your workplace. No place is safe from these Physical Pest Control critters unless pest control measures are taken to ensure a safe and healthy environment. There are many products available in the market to control the pests on your own.
Before going to the supermarket and purchasing a pest control product, certain necessary things should be considered which will help you to tackle the problem more effectively. Firstly, you need to determine that what kind of insects you are targeting. Unless you are able 4 D For Pest Control to understand and identify the insect properly, you will not be able to buy an appropriate pest control product for complete extermination. An ineffective product will not help in reducing or eliminating the pest and you will just waste money on the wrong product.
The Next important thing to consider is the safety of the product. Many over-the-counter sprays and chemical products are available in the market but some of them may contain toxic substances which are very hazardous for your health. If these chemicals are sprayed near children or pets, it can cause them to fall seriously ill.People with various allergies and asthmatic problems who cannot tolerate chemical sprays of any kind should be careful while using hard pesticides or insecticides in their homes.
You can purchase these products after matching the target insect with the product available in the market. In order to be safe from dangerous insects like bee hives which can also be disturbed or harmed in the process, it is essential to arrange a protective gear before spraying near bee hives and nests to perform pest control task without risking your life and health. Many new and improved products are continuously being introduced in the market these days which are safe for your health and the environment. Before buying these products, be sure to read the labels and instructions on it carefully so that you can apply the product in the correct way and ensure maximum control and extermination of pests.…

How to Make Your Home Pest Control More Organic

Most of the time when doing home pest control, you use chemicals and poisons that will eliminate the pests in Pest Control In Housekeeping Pdf your area. While these are very effective methods, they are not very natural ways of dealing with pests.
There are other methods that you can use that are a bit more organic. This means that they tend to be more natural and safer as well. They New Pest Control will be better for your soil, pets, children, and other things as opposed to potentially poison the areas in which chemicals are sprayed.
One of the best ways of dealing with garden pests is to focus on what have been known as beneficial insects. There are certain pests in the garden that eat your plants which are bad. But there are also other kinds of insects that will eat the bad insects. If you have enough of these beneficial insects, you can reduce the number of pests in your garden without the use of chemicals thus making pest control more natural. Certain things attract beneficial insects like living conditions and plants. Those can be used to keep them in your garden.
If you are having a certain pest problem, look into using natural repellents. There are many predatory repellents that are natural as well as spicy smells that keep a wide variety of pests away. These will repel pests while not having to kill or poison them and keeping them off your property as you want.
Trapping pests and releasing is another natural method. There are many traps that can be used on common pests to capture them so you can release them elsewhere. This way you don’t have to kill them but can take care of the problem too.
Keep your home and yard cleaned up. Many times pests are there because there is shelter and food. If you keep this from happening in or around your home, you will have less to deal with.…

Cockroach Destruction

Cockroaches are the dirtiest insects in the planet. They live in sewers, bathrooms, dumpsters and many other filthy places. They also eat almost anything including feces and rotten food. It’s no wonder that they are carriers of dangerous diseases like typhoid fever and dysentery. When you see them in your house, you should be alarmed and do roach control. You can do basic home roach control or hire Tampa pest control.
In any battle, it pays to know the enemy. You would be surprised to know that cockroaches are older than dinosaurs. They have been around for over 400 million years. Their survival is marked by evolution by living in the underworld of things. They also reproduce fast that Organic Methods Of Pest Control in a week, depending on resources, you can have a houseful of cockroaches. Cockroaches are most notable for their resilience in even surviving great catastrophes such as atomic bomb blasts and having their heads cut off. They can live another week without their heads.
There are fifty-seven species of cockroaches that live in the United States. The most common species is the Blatella germanica. They are the ones you see in your kitchen and bathroom. Cockroaches are nocturnal but there are instances when they scuttle out for food in the mornings. But when combating cockroaches, you don’t only search for the adults. At any time of the day you can hunt for their eggs. Cockroach eggs are brown in color and oval-shaped. They are unique because in one egg pouch the female cockroach lays, there are 40 eggs inside. Female cockroaches lay two eggs so that means there will be eighty new cockroaches out of there in due time.
How do you keep roaches out of your home? A basic rule in roach control is keeping your house clean. Cockroaches like to live in filthy surroundings. Remember the movie Joe’s Apartment? Cockroaches made Joe’s apartment their nesting grounds, because the guy was too lazy to clean it up.
But there are other things that can attract cockroaches into your home. They are food and water. If you leave your food out in the open, cockroaches will find it and eat from it. If you have leftover food, immediately store it in a tightly-sealed container and put it in the refrigerator. You should also you’re your sink dry. Moisture attracts cockroaches because it is their one source for water.
But how about bathrooms? Keep bathroom entryways lined with boric acid. These will prevent cockroaches from crossing over and can even poison them. You can also put boric acid under you sink, in the exterior of your refrigerator, and other parts of your house cockroaches may run though. Just be careful having boric acid around your pets because these can be harmful to them.
An alternative to boric acid would be catnip herbs. Just rub the leaves and put them in areas where cockroaches nest or pass by.
You should also take out your trash every night. Remember, …

Pest Control Services – Killing Dangerous Black Widows Dead

Black widow spiders can be found in all four deserts of the American Southwest, including the Sonoran Desert where Phoenix is located, making pest control services Organic Pest Management Ppt especially important in this area. Phoenix Arizona’s arid, desert Southwest climate and urbanization provides an ideal environment for these spiders to flourish.
There are different types of widow spiders, and all of them are venomous to varying degrees. You can recognize the black widow spider fairly easily: the female black widow is about 1.5 inches long and shiny black, usually with a reddish hourglass shape on the underside of her abdomen. She can produce 4-9 egg sacs in a summer and each egg sac contains an average of 300-400 spiderlings. That’s a lot of brand new black widows running around! Each home built in the Phoenix area provides viable shelter and food options making prevalent pest in the Phoenix Metro area. Professional pest control services are very effective in keeping the population down.
Reaction to a black widow spider bite varies depending on where you’ve been bitten. The venom of a black widow spider is particularly dangerous because you usually cannot feel the bite when it occurs. By the time a person discovers he or she has been bitten, Side Effects Of Pest Control Chemicals the site can already be infected. Symptoms of a black widow bite are fainting spells, difficulty breathing and speaking, vomiting, a low pulse rate, and a cold body. These symptoms can last 4 to 5 hours or can lead to a coma although this is very rare.
These are most often found low to the ground and most often found near the foundation of the home, corners low to the ground, base of plants and perimeter block walls. Proper pest control services will target these nesting areas during each treatment; eliminating current and prevents these areas from becoming new nesting sites. Service should also include knocking down any webs and inspecting to find active spider webs.…

My Flour Is Moving – Pest Control Company to the Rescue!

Does this scenario sound familiar? You enter your pantry or reach into your kitchen cabinet where you have stored your flours for some time and remove what is needed to prepare a meal for your family only to discover that your flour has little specks of brown that appears to move from time to time? If so, you most likely have some type of pest problem that does not end with the bag of flour you just took down. Old cornmeal and just about any type of flour is subject to invaders known as Weevils, which are nothing more than small beetles called Meal Moths, Flour Beetles, or, Boll Weevils.
If it’s your first time or tenth experiencing something like this, each time it makes your skin crawl and you just want to rid your home of the little critters now eating the food you planned to serve to your family. Taking swift action is the right thing Petroleum Distillates In Pesticides to do to avoid further infestation and protect your loved ones and pets. When doing so you’ll want to choose the right pest and termite control company, one with experience and a good reputation for ridding homes of pest control problems like yours.
In years past, many pest control companies used toxic substances to remove roaches, scorpions and pesky vermin that make life miserable. The best approach is to seek out local pest control company that uses the least invasive methods to resolve your pest control problem and also has a multipronged approach to both rid and keep at bay weevils and other pests from returning again. Good technicians will start with a brief interview to ascertain when the problem started, how long it has persisted and search for any dead or living pests because once these facts are known they can develop the right plan to eradicate existing insects. If the problem has existed for some time, there will most likely be eggs or hatchlings too small to be seen by the human eye. A knowledgeable pest termite control company and its technicians will take the utmost care to eliminate the eggs or nests before they become a future problem.
Stay tuned for part 2 where we’ll cover more on modern Pest Entry Prevention pest and termite control techniques and safety.…

Keeping Your Vegetable Garden Free of Pests

With proper pest control practices and effective garden maintenance, home gardeners and farmers can cut the losses experienced each year due to garden pests. Did you know that plants that are properly watered, cultivated and fertilize can actually resist pests more than plants that aren’t? There are also plants that are naturally resistant to pests, and these should be used whenever possible.
Some varieties of plants are even resistant to common plant diseases, however few plants can stave off insects. Do not save your own seed to use in your next garden if you have grown your current plants from seed. Plant diseases often originate in seeds. You always want to buy fresh seed every year and get it from vendors that you know offer good quality product. When you are transplanting young plants, take the time to choose seedling that are currently in excellent health. If your seedlings are too weak, young or even too old, it is very likely that they will not survive the shock of the transplant, making them more susceptible to some pests.
An effective and affordable method for controlling a number of soil borne diseases lies in rotating your vegetables around the garden annually. Corn is excellent as a crop that can be alternated. A good plan is a four-year schedule of rotation: grow corn in a location one year, then grow cole crops (greens, cabbage, broccoli) the second year, solanaceous crops (peppers, potatoes, tomatoes) the third year, legumes (peas, beans) the fourth year, then start over with corn again.
Samples of smart sanitation to be utilized for good pest control include making sure that the garden is free of infested crop debris, cull piles, and volunteer plants. It is not a good practice to save plant residues for mulching as many pests are able to survive in the residue. Straw, leaves and other non-garden or non-vegetable materials will always give you the best results. Mulch, however, has a major drawback of its own that should be considered if you are attempting to reduce or eliminate garden pests. Some insects will hide and live inside mulch, allowing them to move beneath the mulch layer and get to your plants before you even know they are there.
Plant viruses can be contained and minimized by using good sanitation practices. Soap and water should be used to wash any hand tools before transplanting or pruning is done. This is especially important if you’re a smoker, because some quite deadly plant viruses actually originate in tobacco.
Weeds can also carry and attract garden pests. It’s best to keep your garden and an area around your garden free of weeds. Weeds can harbor nematodes, mites, beetles, leafhoppers and aphids, as well Physical Pest Control as other insects, and can infect other plants with diseases. Keep your garden well weeded and make sure to clear away any Johnson Grass, it is a perennial weed which can often hide harmful pests.
You’ll also want to control the levels of moisture …

The Tips For Total Home Protection

There are some tips to help totally protect a home that are not time consuming, and they will help to protect the family better than just having a home alarm system.
o The first of these is to have a home security system, and to use it, which is one of the mistakes that many people make. They have a system and do not arm it when leaving the house, and if it is not armed it cannot protect the house from burglaries. Worse yet, if it is not armed when the family is at the residence it cannot warn them of smoke, fire or carbon monoxide and these can be even more dangerous than the burglar that comes in when no one is at home.
o The next tip is to make certain that everyone in the family is comfortable using the system, so that they will use it and this will also cut down on false alarms.
o Help the security system to provide better protection from home break-ins by adding outdoor lighting. This is something that can help keep burglars from even Orkin Pest Control Near Me thinking that your house might be a target. These lights can be ones that must be turned on manually, ones that are on from dusk till dawn or motion lighting.
o For total protection of the residence from break-ins monitoring cameras can be installed on the outside of the home and on the inside. Not only can this record the person that is trying to break-in, but it can also monitor the behavior of babysitters and repair people while in the home alone.
o Keep door and window locks working perfectly, this alone can stop a break-in, which keeps the family safe.
o Check gas appliances, like the furnace, clothes dryer, stove, water heater and fireplace for any type of gas leaks, Chemical And Biological Pest Control often. This can cause carbon monoxide, which is clear, odorless, colorless and tasteless, but it can kill.
o Run a check of the security system, including the backup battery, this will ensure that even during a power failure the family is protected.
o Have monitoring with the alarm system, this means when the alarm is triggered it is not just the family that will hear it, but also trained operators that will be able to send help for the family. This does two things, it can give the family time to get out of the house from smoke or fire, it can also keep damages to a minimum on the structure. The fire department will arrive much faster than they would after the family and pets are out of the residence and then call 911. This is because while they are getting out, the monitoring center has already alerted the fire department.
These are some of the tips that can be used to have total home protection and create a safe environment for the family. It is not only the dangers that can …