Installing Your Own Bathroom Vanity and Pedestal Sink

Installing Your Own Bathroom Vanity and Pedestal Sink

For many installing there own bathroom sink is the most affordable and convenient way to have that new look in your bathroom in no time. There are many ways to install a bathroom sink depending on the type and fixture layout. Before continuing in installing your own sink it would be wise to make sure you have all the necessary tools available to prevent headaches later on in the process.

Installing a vanity unit.

Below I have listed the basic instructions for you to install your own bathroom vanity unit as well as a pedestal sink.

1) First thing to do is have your template ready before doing any drilling or installing. If a template is not provided then you will have to find a way to do this your self. I suggest turning the basin upside down and marking with a pencil your own template.

2) Grab your drill and continue to create a hole big enough so your jigsaw piece can fit comfortably. Once this is done you can continue to mark your line of cutting and create the hole needed for the worktop surface of your sink.

3) Before lining up your vanity unit for installation double check measurements are correct and level, and make adjustments if need be. Once certain place some tape, the sealing variety, around the outside of the hole you had created then proceed to apply pressure and firmly push the sink down till it is in the appropriate position.

4) Once completed, check everything again to make sure sink is level and continue to install fixtures to the wall.

Installing a pedestal sink

1) Firstly place your sink unit on the base and insure everything is level. Mark the fitting holes of the sink while basin is on top of pedestal to prepare fro drilling.

2) Remove sink and continue to drill holes in marked area and install plugs to insure sink will be fitted correctly.

3) Attach all plumbing fittings and place basin on top of pedestal again. Once all plumbing fixtures are in place you can then continue to insert screws to permanently secure the sink. Done.

Installing any type of sink is not as hard as you may think. By carrying out the process yourself you can save cash to invest into other projects in the home. Many manufacturers offer a service included in the price for free installation as well as delivering the sink unit to your home. If fitting your own sink does save you money and you feel up for the job, then by all means get stuck in.