Bird and Pest Control

Bird and Pest Control is basically a generic name for methods of deterring or the elimination of pests or birds. This stops them, roosting, landing and nesting.
You may be thinking that this is an unnecessary task, however it can be important as pest bird feces can in fact create health related problems that include:
o Cryptococcosis
o Histoplasmosis How To Prevent Cockroaches In Wardrobe
o Psittacosis
Not to mention that their dropping can cause damage to equipment and properties.
Methods of Bird Control
There are several options like visual deterrents, physical deterrents, sonic / ultrasonic devices and chemicals just to name a few.
Physical deterrents
o Bird Netting
o Bird Jolt Systems
o Spike Systems
o Bird Slope
o Spiders
o Wire
These products are designed not to hurt the bird, they will simply repel them from the desired area, and these methods are not just used in the UK but world wide.
Chemical Deterrents
These deterrents range from Avicides to products for turf. Some chemicals are intended to kill the bird, these deterrents are restricted within many localities, however some of the chemicals do not kill them and these are allowed to be used everywhere.
Sonic Devices
These are designed for use in large open areas; common places you may find these in use include Reclamation Plants, Vineyards and airports. Sounds are audible and deter pests from the area.
Ultrasonic Inert Ingredients In Pesticides Devices
These are designed for small enclosed spaces, these do not harm the birds and stop them entering certain areas like loading docks, warehouses and parking garages.
There are many companies offering these services and you will be able to find them online.