Why You Need Self Defense Products




Some locations are safer than others but the reality is crime can happen anywhere. There are stories of homes getting broken into all around the world, even in gated communities. People get mugged on streets thought to be safe in broad daylight sometimes! While you can’t avoid all possibilities of crime, you can take several steps to become better prepared and learn self defense methods.
Not all self defense methods and techniques involve taking a course and learning how to physically get away from an attacker – although this is recommended – particularly Terminix Pest Control Jobs for women. There are a wide variety of products available to help protect yourself, your home and your family from a variety of situations and crimes.
Protect Yourself From Animals
If you regularly spend times in the great outdoors and maybe even in the woods, it wouldn’t hurt to have animal repellent (it’s like mace for animals) in your backpack. There are sprays designed specifically for bears and dogs, as well as electronic repellents.
Home Protection
A variety of products exist to keep your belongings and family safe in your home. For valuables, you might consider diversion safes which hide your belongings inside items that look like everyday household objects. To increase the safety of your family, consider door or window alarms, motion detectors, or full home security systems.
Personal Protection
Self defense products for individuals vary greatly. There are pepper sprays and Mace – designed to be sprayed in your attackers’ eyes to disorient them and give you an opportunity to get to safety. Pepper sprays and mace will disable an attacker for up to half an hour. The sprays cause pain and tearing of the eyes, shortness of breath and coughing. There are alarms you can carry on a key chain or in your pocket, which will call attention to you in the event someone is following you or threatening you and will likely scare off any would-be attacker. Additionally, there are stun guns which will stop any attacker in his or her tracks through an electric shock. Stun guns are often designed to look like every day objects, like a cell phone, making it easier to surprise an attacker with it.
None of the self defense products listed here will permanently disable or kill your attacker. Self defense tools Diy Mosquito Spray Vs Professional give victims time to find a safe place to seek help, and to remove themselves from a dangerous situation.