Keeping Kids Safe – Self Defense For Teens

The best defense is a good offense. At least that is a popular message most of us have heard at some point in our life. When it comes to self defense for teens or even younger children, the best offense is knowing what to do when faced with a dangerous or threatening situation. While it is impossible to imagine and prepare a reaction for all potential threats, it is possible to learn and practice basic self defense methods to become more confident in your ability to ward off an attacker. Here are a few tips that all teens should know in order to better defend themselves should the worst case scenario present itself.
– Flight or fight- In the animal kingdom there are two basic reactions to a perceived threat to one’s safety. People like animals have the option to either fight or flee an attacker. Fighting off an attacker should be the last resort for teens and adults alike. In most cases the victim Integrated Pest Management Pdf is caught unaware, while the attacker has the advantage of surprise, motive and adrenaline. Whenever possible it is best to run away (making as much noise as possible) in search of safety. This is not always possible, but in situations where escape is possible, it is the best option.
– Follow your instincts- Have you ever been in a situation that just feels odd? You may not be able to pinpoint what is making you feel uncomfortable, however your body may be reacting to a threat that your conscious mind is not recognizing. Pay attention to these “gut” feelings as they are often the first warning of danger.
– Safety in numbers- It is not a hard and fast rule, but generally speaking there is safety in numbers. A group of students walking home from school should, in theory, be less of a target than the single person who walks alone. Whenever possible avoid situations where you are alone or separated from the public or groups of people.
– Learn self defense- Like other things in life, practice makes perfect. Every person should consider taking a self defense class. Self defense classes can teach movements and build confidence that cannot be learned by reading a book or magazine. Once you have basic self defense moves down pat, you can practice these moves in “real life” attacks during your class. This gives each person the opportunity to go through the motions and experience what a potential attacker might do or how they will react. Look within your community for locations that teach self defense such as the YMCA or the local community center. If your community does not offer a place to learn and practice self defense moves, ask your gym teacher or school counselor to add it to the curriculum.
No one wants to think about the possibility of being attacked or threatened by a stranger or even someone you know. Sadly we live in an increasingly violent and unpredictable society …

Why You Need Self Defense Products




Some locations are safer than others but the reality is crime can happen anywhere. There are stories of homes getting broken into all around the world, even in gated communities. People get mugged on streets thought to be safe in broad daylight sometimes! While you can’t avoid all possibilities of crime, you can take several steps to become better prepared and learn self defense methods.
Not all self defense methods and techniques involve taking a course and learning how to physically get away from an attacker – although this is recommended – particularly Terminix Pest Control Jobs for women. There are a wide variety of products available to help protect yourself, your home and your family from a variety of situations and crimes.
Protect Yourself From Animals
If you regularly spend times in the great outdoors and maybe even in the woods, it wouldn’t hurt to have animal repellent (it’s like mace for animals) in your backpack. There are sprays designed specifically for bears and dogs, as well as electronic repellents.
Home Protection
A variety of products exist to keep your belongings and family safe in your home. For valuables, you might consider diversion safes which hide your belongings inside items that look like everyday household objects. To increase the safety of your family, consider door or window alarms, motion detectors, or full home security systems.
Personal Protection
Self defense products for individuals vary greatly. There are pepper sprays and Mace – designed to be sprayed in your attackers’ eyes to disorient them and give you an opportunity to get to safety. Pepper sprays and mace will disable an attacker for up to half an hour. The sprays cause pain and tearing of the eyes, shortness of breath and coughing. There are alarms you can carry on a key chain or in your pocket, which will call attention to you in the event someone is following you or threatening you and will likely scare off any would-be attacker. Additionally, there are stun guns which will stop any attacker in his or her tracks through an electric shock. Stun guns are often designed to look like every day objects, like a cell phone, making it easier to surprise an attacker with it.
None of the self defense products listed here will permanently disable or kill your attacker. Self defense tools Diy Mosquito Spray Vs Professional give victims time to find a safe place to seek help, and to remove themselves from a dangerous situation.


Self Defense

It is in the natural order of things to fight back when faced with a threatening situation. You may have seen several means of self defense online, on the media etc. What most people take away is that a kick in the groin or jab of the elbow is enough to get you Harmful Insects To Plants out of a tough situation. Fact is such weak self defense moves can only serve the further anger your attacker and may end you in a position far worse than what you started out in. When it comes to self defense always remember that getting away is the key.
To begin with, always trust your instincts. If you are walking on a lonely road, or feel uncomfortable about the guy on the elevator, then stay away from there. If you are already on a lonely stretch, take the nearest public detour and get to where there are more people. If you are confronting your attacker, try de-escalating the situation if you feel dialogue is possible. Agree to everything you are being told, hand over your money and valuables and then try to break away from the situation.
Reduce the risks of getting into a situation where you may have to use self defense. If you have to walk down lonely roads, check for the nearest exits or hiding spots. Avoid any shortcuts. Make sure you travel in Rodent Meaning groups. Keep loved ones abreast of where you are going and what time you are expected back. This will alert them if you are not home when you say so. Exude confidence when you walk, this can put a perpetrator off.
Arm yourself with some self defense tools such as tasers or pepper sprays. Learning a few self defense moves can also be of great help. Good self defense classes will teach to be calm in the face of an attack. It will help you assess the situation and quickly decide what you would like to do. Keep practicing your moves. One great self defense technique is using your voice for all its worth. Screaming out key words like Help, Police, Stay Away or No, Back Off etc can grab attention and can scare off a potential attacker.…

Self Defense Products

The world is not a safe place – that fact has been established. Self defense therefore becomes necessary. Staying safe can be done in several ways and can be depend on the situation you are in. For example, a pocket knife would be useless if you were faced by a rabid dog. In such a situation there are a range of self defense products against animals. The electronic dog repeller is one – it can emit an ultrasonic sound that humans cannot hear but dogs will. It also comes with a strobe light that can ward away dogs from as far as 40 ft away from you. There is also the muzzle repellent for dogs as well as sprays for bears.
Taser guns forms another part of self defense products – you get them in various incapacitating ranges. When you use them, they can instantly bring down a person attacking, without causing too much of internal harm. They can be used up to a distance of 15 ft giving you enough of space to run to safety or guide your family to it.
An attack need not always be a physical one. Breaking into your home and robbing you is also an attack. There are simple ways on which you can protect yourself. Diversion safes are an interesting Baseboard Spraying Pest Control means. It works on the premise of hiding valuables in plain sight. You can choose dummies of soft drink cans and packaged food items which are essentially hollow and can store your valuables.
If you are heading out in a dangerous neighborhood or have to come home late at night on a lonely stretch, then personal alarms can be a good idea. These self defense products are small enough to latch onto your belt. Should you pull a small strap on it, it will emit a sound equivalent to several really high decibel alarms. It is great when you are travelling or staying alone. They can also be used on windows and home doors as alarms.
Protecting children especially from home accidents can be a huge task. A child protection kit with cabinet latches, Principles Of Pest Control Ppt outlet plugs, cupboard safety locks, doorknob protectors etc can come in really handy for those little adventurers.…

Self Defense Products – Do They Work?

As the number of violent crimes continue to rise, more people are considering personal self defense products to add a level of security to their day-to-day lives. In response to this increased demand for such products manufacturers of self defense products have upped the production Pest Control Courses and currently sit atop a multi- billion dollar per year industry. While many people are eager to purchase these devices which provide various levels of self defense, there remains a more cynical sector of the population that asks, do these products really work?
The answer to that question is two fold; yes the products work however only when used as intended and in the correct situation. Basically the products themselves are designed and tested to provide the time and opportunity to escape a potential attacker. Products such as pepper spray and tasers are so effective that law enforcement agencies as well as some military personnel carry them on their person. The key to finding the right personal self defense product is knowing how they work and determining which product you feel most comfortable using. Here are a few common self defense products available today.
– Pepper spray- One of the most popular and least expensive self defense products. Pepper spray is easily carried on your person, on a belt or in a purse. A small aerosol canister that sprays an inflammatory agent, pepper spray works well to stop both human attackers or animals. The reaction is involuntary, therefore even a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs who otherwise might not react to “pain” will normally have no defense when confronted with pepper spray.
– Stun gun- Unlike a real gun, stun guns do not actually “shoot” anything, instead they deliver an electrical charge to anyone who comes in contact with the pronged end of the device (with trigger engaged). Contact of 1/2 second will get someone’s attention with mild muscle contractions, while 1-5 seconds can render an attacker immobile for several minutes.
– Taser- Tasers actually shoot two tethered probes which attach to the attacker and deliver an electronic shock that immobilizes the assailant. Tasers Carpenter Ants Sawdust work best when used from a distance of 7-10 feet and allow the user to immobilize their attacker without coming in close physical contact with them.
– Personal alarm- Delivering an ear splitting alarm, these devices can draw attention to you when you need it most. Small enough and safe enough to be used by children or the elderly, this is the fastest growing self defense product.
The most important thing to remember when considering a self defense product is understanding the fact that simply carrying a self defense product will not make you inherently safer. With that being said, the presence of pepper spray or a stun gun should not take the place of common sense when it comes to personal safely. You should still exercise all of the standard precautionary measures when out and about running errands or other day-to-day …

Electronic Pest Control – Your First Pest Defense

Electronic pest control uses electronic devices to get rid of unwanted pests out of your home or garden. Compared with all the other Physical Methods Of Pest Control Pdf methods, it is the safest, most convenient and eco-friendly method, and should be your first defense in your pest control.
There are basically two types of electronic pest control devices. One type of device emits high frequency ultrasound, which cannot be heard by human beings or pets, but can be heard by various pests such as insects and rodents. These pests will feel uncomfortable with the loud noisy ultrasound and will prefer to stay away from them. Such a device is usually referred to as ultrasonic pest repeller. Another type of device is called electromagnetic pest repeller, which can change the electric wiring of your house and consequently change electromagnetic field. Certain pests will be annoyed and then will run away from your home.
As you can see, electronic pest control does not use any chemicals or poisons. So you do not have to worry that it will put your family or pets at risk, and they will not pollute the environment. It is also the most humane way to get rid of the pests as the device will not kill the pests but simply drives the pest out of the area, and you do not have to deal with any dead body. The devices are also very easy to set up. Usually you just plug them in on the wall outlet, and then see it work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They usually have a very natural design, and some of them are designed like an air refresher. So your family visitors will not notice you have pest problem at all. Compared to other methods, electronic pest control is not expensive at all and does not require much maintenance. So it should always be your first and long term pest defense.
Currently, the electronic pest control industry has more than 60 manufacturers and multi-million consumers. You may hear some people doubt about the effectiveness of such a device, saying that it does not have sound scientific proof. But there are a lot of more satisfying users. Since this method is very safe, convenient and does not cost much, you should always give it a try to find out if it works for your specific situation. You can purchase the device either from your local store or online. But before that, it would be wise to read manufacturer’s description and other customers’ review, so you can choose the one that best meets your own need. Each device may have a focus on a group of pests, so it is quite common that a device is very effective on mice but may not work on spiders. Some devices can drive pests out of your home very easily but they cannot solve the same problem for your garden. So by reading the review before you make the purchase, you …

Total Home Protection – First Defense For Families

These are a few total home protection ideas that are easy to implement, and will help to insure your familys’ safety better than just installing a fire or burglar alarm:

First, make sure the home alarm system is working and being used properly. A lot of home owners simply do not arm their alarm system when they leave their house. Most of the time this is because they have accidentally set off the Pest Control Service alarm when coming home and do not want to repeat this mistake. This can be a terrible mistake when a burglar strikes the neighborhood and can be remedied by making it a habit to arm the alarm every time when leaving the house.

Second, make sure the system is armed at night when everyone is asleep. Its’ surprising to find out the number of families who fail to do this and fall victim to burglaries while they sleep, particularly in larger home.

Next, make certain every member of the family is educated on how to use the system and the process for arming/disarming. This will likely cut down on false alarms as well as away-from-home theft.

All systems part of total home protection benefit from the addition of outdoor lighting. Proper lighting will deter criminals from thinking that no one is home and keep your house from being a target. Good lighting systems include ones that can be turned on manually as well as by motion sensor and timed switches.

Cameras are an excellent part of any home alarm system. This is no longer an expensive option as most multi-camera monitoring systems Mechanical Method Of Ipm can be installed for a few hundred dollars. There are even kits that allow the homeowner to install wireless cameras themselves.

Check all door and window locks periodically to make sure they are working efficiently. Electronic parts eventually succumb to the elements, therefore it is important to perform a test of the window and door sensors with the alarm system armed to make sure they are functioning. A brief call to the fire department or police department is necessary during this process to inform them you are performing a test.

If your home operates on gas, check all gas appliances periodically, such as stoves, water heaters, and fireplaces for any type of gas leaks. Leaks can cause a build up of carbon monoxide which is oderless and clear, and can cause death with toxic levels.

A complete check of the security system includes the backup battery. This will ensure proper operation in the event of power failure.

Every year make sure you call all monitors of you alarm systems. Police departments, fire departments, etc… will likely respond quicker if they know your are a concerned resident/home owner, and not one that triggers frequent false alarms. These tips can should routinely be carried out to ensure total home protection and create a safe family environment. Unfortunately a lot of home owners do not have a system for making sure …