How Automated Mosquito Systems Work

The popularity of automated Mosquito Systems is on the rise, and especially this time of year. As Spring approaches, so does mosquito season, and just when the weather invites us to enjoy the outdoors, mosquitoes can keep us housebound. If you have considered using automated mosquito systems to win the battle for the backyard, here is a brief explanation of how this type of insect control works.
The Equipment: The system itself consists of a reservoir, nozzles, tubing, and a remote timer control. The reservoir serves as a holding tank for the pesticide, and it is available in various sizes, from a 55 gallon barrel to a 225 gallon tank. Required storage capacity of the reservoir will depend on the number of nozzles installed and the size of the coverage area. For the sake of appearance, the reservoir is usually installed next to other outdoor equipment such as air conditioning units.
Nylon tubing runs from the reservoir to deliver the misting concentrate to the nozzles located throughout the coverage area. This tubing comes in a variety of colors and is placed as inconspicuously as possible so as to blend with the surroundings. The 5 Garden Pests nozzles are small, about the size of the average pinky finger, and they can be placed under eaves and soffits or of a home, along fence lines, and even in trees. For ground level misting, nozzles can also be installed on risers made of copper tubing.
The remote control may be digital or analog, and it enables the system to operate on a preset schedule. It is best to have a trained technician set the timer in order to ensure the most efficient and effective operation of the mosquito system.
The Insecticides: While many different insecticides may be utilized, one excellent and very popular concentrate is Pyrethrum, which is also known as Pyrethrin. This natural insecticide is produced by crushing the seeds of the Chrysanthemum plant. It is biodegradable and is broken down by sunlight, leaving no residue. The advantage of this insecticide is that it is safe for mammals and birds but highly effective in controlling mosquitoes. In fact, this insecticide attacks the nervous systems of all insects, so mosquito systems can also control spiders, ants, cockroaches, flies, wasps, and dozens more crawling and flying insects.
The Process: Quite simply, at designated intervals programmed into the timer, the reservoir pumps the insecticide through the nylon tubing and the nozzles to deliver the correct amount of misting concentrate.
Mosquito System Maintenance: For the most part, the only maintenance involved is refilling the reservoir when needed. However, some Cordless Electric Lawn Mower attention may be required to keep nozzles in good working order as they can become clogged due to hard water and other impurities.
That’s it! Perhaps the greatest benefit of having such a system is that you set it and forget it. Even routine maintenance can be provided by the company that installs your automated mosquito system, so it really is automatic insect control. Mosquito Systems take care of the mosquitoes and leave you free to spend your time enjoying the outdoors.