Wall Mount Bathroom Sinks

Wall Mount Bathroom Sinks

Wall mount bathroom sinks sure are not what they used to be. Traditionally when a person thinks about a wall mount bathroom sink they picture a standard white institutional sink in their mind. The wall mount sinks of today have gone upscale and in a big way. You can find all sorts of fabulous styles now available for use in your home bathroom renovation.

For a really decorative option you can consider a clear glass sink that features its own attached counter space. The entire piece is made of glass with counter space on either side of the sink. It mounts directly onto the wall and features wall mounted faucets that coordinate with it. This style is great looking but might not be your best option if you have small children that could damage the glass counter.

Another option for a wall mount bathroom sink features a white backsplash portion that sits against the wall with a flat glass bowl that juts out from the middle of the backsplash. This sink has a very high end look to it. If you have a washroom with a sophisticated look to it, this just might be the perfect sink option for you.

You can also find these sinks that have a built in drawer below them. One style features a white porcelain sink on top with a wood grain drawer below. The handle on the drawer is brushed nickel which matches the brushed nickel faucet on top. The whole look is well coordinated and very distinctive looking.

You can also find corner mount sinks that attach to the wall. If you are short on space this might be a good option for you. The sink attaches to the wall on two sides and is perfect for tight corners. Add a decorative corner cabinet below and you have a home run look on your hands. This look would be highly unique and very conversational.

A floating glass wall hung sink is another pretty option for bathroom remodeling. The glass bowl appears to float all on its own but is actually seamlessly attached to the wall. With pretty decorative faucets this sink is a sure hit for home renovators with an eye for design.

With so many styles to choose from it is no wonder that wall mount bathroom sinks are so popular. Discover their decorative qualities for yourself; you will not be disappointed.