Three Guidelines You Must Follow When Choosing Your Bathroom Sink

Three Guidelines You Must Follow When Choosing Your Bathroom Sink

If you are looking for a simple, inexpensive way to give your old bathroom a facelift, then you will want to take a few minutes to read this article. Did you know that simply replacing your bathroom sink will speak volumes toward enhancing the look of your bathroom? This simple remodel will be the focal point of your bathroom, and make your entire bathroom look like new again.

In this article we will discuss three things you definitely will want to consider to pull off this simple redesign. First, we will look at style. Next, we will discuss materials. Finally, we will finish with a quick look at the function of your new bathroom sink.

First, let’s talk about the style of your new bathroom sink. Take a look around your bathroom. Is it modern or traditional? Does it have more of a comfortable feel, or is it more luxurious? You will do best if you can closely match your new sink or vanity to your existing design. You could go for a bit of an eclectic look, however. Just be certain to pick something that complements your existing decor. If you are unsure of what to pick, browse through decorating books and magazines or surf the Internet for ideas.

Second, the materials you choose are a main consideration as well. Once again, the look should complement your existing decor, since you are carrying off this make over with one simple change, a new bathroom sink. A glass bathroom sink is very sturdy yet beautiful. For a more modern bathroom, choose a square glass bathroom sink and for more of a traditional style, select a round glass sink. Porcelain bathroom sinks are the most versatile and will work with any style. They are clean and contemporary, and available in round, square and oval shapes.

Last, but definitely not least, you must take into consideration the function. Is your desire to have more floor space or more storage space? For a small bathroom, a pedestal sink looks very sophisticated and clean and will visually enlarge the space. A pedestal sink, however, does not provide any storage.

If your consideration is more storage and you have the floor space, there are many vanity choices from which to select. Today’s vanities look like a piece of beautiful furniture for the bath. You can select from antique, transitional, or modern vanities. Whatever suits your fancy. Double bathroom vanities work beautifully in a master bath. The double sink style provides lots of storage, which will help control clutter in your bathroom.

Needing a balance of storage and space? Then, your ideal solution might be a single bathroom vanity. They are an ideal choice for a guest bath. Offering tons of style in a smaller footprint, you might just fall in love.

So there you have the top three considerations when choosing your new bathroom sink. First, you will want to select a pleasing and complementary style. Second, the composition as well as the shape of the materials is an important consideration. Last, but not least, is the function of your new bathroom sink. These three tips will make your bathroom look like new again.