Unusual Bathroom Sink Options

Unusual Bathroom Sink Options

One essential element of a bathroom remodel is replacing tired old tired bathroom fixtures for something a little more elegant and efficient.

When it comes to choosing a new sink for the 21st Century bathroom, the average homeowner has a lot more alternatives to choose from besides the usual white porcelain model. A number of different, rather more unexpected materials are creeping into the bathroom market. Here are a few of the most popular contemporary choices.

Copper – Touted as naturally hypo-allergenic, recyclable and corrosion resistant, copper is growing in popularity. Copper is often referred to as a metal with a “living finish” as its patina changes over time. It is an attractive alternative to a traditional bathroom sink, especially if you are trying to add a sense of warmth to the room.

Stone – Every kind of stone imaginable – from honey onyx to black granite – is being used by today’s designers to create some pretty spectacular bathroom sinks. The natural differences in color and texture that every different block of stone possesses means that your stone will indeed, to a certain extent, be a unique, one off talking point.

Glass – Whether it is clear, frosted or colored, it is another way to add an unusual twist to a remodeled bathroom’s overall d?�cor. Many of these more like works of art than a place to wash your hands but they are extremely durable.

Bamboo – A wooden bathroom sink? There is a lot of talk these days about what a great flooring option bamboo is but in the East they have been creating bathroom fixtures from this durable plant material for centuries. A bamboo bathroom sink is one way to add a little extra green power to your bathroom remodel whilst also making a big design statement.

Whatever bathroom sink option you choose, having it installed correctly is essential. There is little use in spending hours picking out the perfect bathroom sink if it is installed incorrectly.