Improving Your Bathroom Could Be a Great Investment

Improving Your Bathroom Could Be a Great Investment

The UK economy has been in recession for some time now and although there have been some positive signs recently it is likely to be a long time yet before it is over. Interest rates have been at record lows and analysts are predicting that they will remain below 1% for the foreseeable future. With low interest rates come low mortgage repayments meaning many people have seen significant increases in their disposable incomes. Many sensible people have been looking for ways to invest this extra money and with low interest rates rather than investing in savings they are looking elsewhere.

Investing in home improvements is a great investment for your future as they can add considerably to the value of your property. When looking to buy a new house one of the key rooms which people are interested in is the bathroom. A new bathroom will make a property much more desirable and can add significantly to the value of a property.

When buying a new bathroom and choosing the furniture there are many considerations to make. One of the most important pieces of furniture in your bathroom is the bath. It is usually the largest piece of furniture and therefore dominates the room. When it comes to choosing a bath you have four categories to choose from standard baths, corner baths, whirlpool baths and free standing baths. Depending on the room you have available will limit to which baths are suitable for your room.

When choosing a bathroom sink if space is limited then corner basins or wall mounted sinks are the best option. If space is not at a premium then a counter top sink will help to give your home a stylish contemporary feel. If however you are more of a traditionalist then a pedestal sink is probably more likely to appeal to you.

Showers are now very popular and if you want to install a shower you have two broad options either a shower which goes over the bath or a separate shower enclosure. Either option works fine but if you have the option a separate shower enclosure will help to give your bathroom a feeling of luxury.

These are just a few of the many considerations you need to make when installing a new bathroom. The internet is a great to start when looking for a new bathroom. Often you will find online stores will be much cheaper than on the high street meaning you can make considerable savings.