Self Defense

It is in the natural order of things to fight back when faced with a threatening situation. You may have seen several means of self defense online, on the media etc. What most people take away is that a kick in the groin or jab of the elbow is enough to get you Harmful Insects To Plants out of a tough situation. Fact is such weak self defense moves can only serve the further anger your attacker and may end you in a position far worse than what you started out in. When it comes to self defense always remember that getting away is the key.
To begin with, always trust your instincts. If you are walking on a lonely road, or feel uncomfortable about the guy on the elevator, then stay away from there. If you are already on a lonely stretch, take the nearest public detour and get to where there are more people. If you are confronting your attacker, try de-escalating the situation if you feel dialogue is possible. Agree to everything you are being told, hand over your money and valuables and then try to break away from the situation.
Reduce the risks of getting into a situation where you may have to use self defense. If you have to walk down lonely roads, check for the nearest exits or hiding spots. Avoid any shortcuts. Make sure you travel in Rodent Meaning groups. Keep loved ones abreast of where you are going and what time you are expected back. This will alert them if you are not home when you say so. Exude confidence when you walk, this can put a perpetrator off.
Arm yourself with some self defense tools such as tasers or pepper sprays. Learning a few self defense moves can also be of great help. Good self defense classes will teach to be calm in the face of an attack. It will help you assess the situation and quickly decide what you would like to do. Keep practicing your moves. One great self defense technique is using your voice for all its worth. Screaming out key words like Help, Police, Stay Away or No, Back Off etc can grab attention and can scare off a potential attacker.