Self Defense Products – Do They Work?

As the number of violent crimes continue to rise, more people are considering personal self defense products to add a level of security to their day-to-day lives. In response to this increased demand for such products manufacturers of self defense products have upped the production Pest Control Courses and currently sit atop a multi- billion dollar per year industry. While many people are eager to purchase these devices which provide various levels of self defense, there remains a more cynical sector of the population that asks, do these products really work?
The answer to that question is two fold; yes the products work however only when used as intended and in the correct situation. Basically the products themselves are designed and tested to provide the time and opportunity to escape a potential attacker. Products such as pepper spray and tasers are so effective that law enforcement agencies as well as some military personnel carry them on their person. The key to finding the right personal self defense product is knowing how they work and determining which product you feel most comfortable using. Here are a few common self defense products available today.
– Pepper spray- One of the most popular and least expensive self defense products. Pepper spray is easily carried on your person, on a belt or in a purse. A small aerosol canister that sprays an inflammatory agent, pepper spray works well to stop both human attackers or animals. The reaction is involuntary, therefore even a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs who otherwise might not react to “pain” will normally have no defense when confronted with pepper spray.
– Stun gun- Unlike a real gun, stun guns do not actually “shoot” anything, instead they deliver an electrical charge to anyone who comes in contact with the pronged end of the device (with trigger engaged). Contact of 1/2 second will get someone’s attention with mild muscle contractions, while 1-5 seconds can render an attacker immobile for several minutes.
– Taser- Tasers actually shoot two tethered probes which attach to the attacker and deliver an electronic shock that immobilizes the assailant. Tasers Carpenter Ants Sawdust work best when used from a distance of 7-10 feet and allow the user to immobilize their attacker without coming in close physical contact with them.
– Personal alarm- Delivering an ear splitting alarm, these devices can draw attention to you when you need it most. Small enough and safe enough to be used by children or the elderly, this is the fastest growing self defense product.
The most important thing to remember when considering a self defense product is understanding the fact that simply carrying a self defense product will not make you inherently safer. With that being said, the presence of pepper spray or a stun gun should not take the place of common sense when it comes to personal safely. You should still exercise all of the standard precautionary measures when out and about running errands or other day-to-day activities. Avoiding a situation where you might be targeted by a criminal is by far the best self defense measure you can take.
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