Keeping Kids Safe – Self Defense For Teens

The best defense is a good offense. At least that is a popular message most of us have heard at some point in our life. When it comes to self defense for teens or even younger children, the best offense is knowing what to do when faced with a dangerous or threatening situation. While it is impossible to imagine and prepare a reaction for all potential threats, it is possible to learn and practice basic self defense methods to become more confident in your ability to ward off an attacker. Here are a few tips that all teens should know in order to better defend themselves should the worst case scenario present itself.
– Flight or fight- In the animal kingdom there are two basic reactions to a perceived threat to one’s safety. People like animals have the option to either fight or flee an attacker. Fighting off an attacker should be the last resort for teens and adults alike. In most cases the victim Integrated Pest Management Pdf is caught unaware, while the attacker has the advantage of surprise, motive and adrenaline. Whenever possible it is best to run away (making as much noise as possible) in search of safety. This is not always possible, but in situations where escape is possible, it is the best option.
– Follow your instincts- Have you ever been in a situation that just feels odd? You may not be able to pinpoint what is making you feel uncomfortable, however your body may be reacting to a threat that your conscious mind is not recognizing. Pay attention to these “gut” feelings as they are often the first warning of danger.
– Safety in numbers- It is not a hard and fast rule, but generally speaking there is safety in numbers. A group of students walking home from school should, in theory, be less of a target than the single person who walks alone. Whenever possible avoid situations where you are alone or separated from the public or groups of people.
– Learn self defense- Like other things in life, practice makes perfect. Every person should consider taking a self defense class. Self defense classes can teach movements and build confidence that cannot be learned by reading a book or magazine. Once you have basic self defense moves down pat, you can practice these moves in “real life” attacks during your class. This gives each person the opportunity to go through the motions and experience what a potential attacker might do or how they will react. Look within your community for locations that teach self defense such as the YMCA or the local community center. If your community does not offer a place to learn and practice self defense moves, ask your gym teacher or school counselor to add it to the curriculum.
No one wants to think about the possibility of being attacked or threatened by a stranger or even someone you know. Sadly we live in an increasingly violent and unpredictable society making the chances Organic Pesticides For Agriculture of being threatened at some point a reality that must be considered. The tips mentioned here can help you plan and prepare should you find yourself in a position where you must defend yourself.