Sinks (And Bathroom Sink Cabinets) Can Not Fly

Sinks (And Bathroom Sink Cabinets) Can Not Fly

If the title of this article was news to you, you might need some help (or to share the wonderful drugs you must be on). Obviously, sinks do not have the ability to float of their own volition. So they must be supported on some kind of additional structures. Bathroom sink cabinets work extremely well for the purpose of sink holding, and they are also great for the purpose of storing the items you need in the bathroom. After all, razors and after shave do not fly, either. And neither does a tooth brush, nor tooth paste or floss, and nor do any other toiletries most people need.

Since bathroom sink cabinets are so useful, one would almost think they are a requirement. And you would not be ridiculous to suspect that there should even be a set of laws put in place, so as to guard the integrity and functionality of bathroom sink cabinets. But there is no such set of laws – there is only a rather large pool of possibilities, as it relates to bathroom sink cabinets. You can buy a huge number of different styles and materials, with different installation requirements about them.

The vanity cabinets you buy can be of several different styles. You can buy a huge range of different types of wooden bathroom sink cabinets, which can range from what looks like the type of bona fide antique that could very well have been taken out of the little house on the prairie, all the way to something that almost looks like they were trying to put an image in people’s minds to go along with the word “futuristic” in a dictionary.

Bathroom sink cabinets can be of the free standing variety, the wall mount variety, or the table top type. The free standing type of cabinets offer the most shelving space, but they tend to suffer from the issue of being most useful for towels and bath tissue, as opposed to the smaller toiletries you would be more inclined to put into a wall mount model of sink cabinet. But the type in question, the table top variety into which a sink is typically fitted, is the best of both worlds. Its storage space is usually roomy, its top drawers are within easy reach, and it will generally prevent your sink from spontaneously floating away (if that ever happens to be a problem for you).

The cabinets that store small goods behind your mirror are worth mentioning for more than just the fact that they keep your toiletries within easy reach. They also allow you to look at yourself while you rummage around for things, except in the case of the “traditional” type of mirror that opens out like a door. Among other mirror types are the tri fold variety, which allows you to look at yourself from a couple of different angles while you reach for after shave or whatnot, and the sliding mirrors that offer a similar type of function… just not as many different ways to play with them.