Finishes and Fixtures for Unusual Bathroom Design

Finishes and Fixtures for Unusual Bathroom Design

Redecorating a bathroom is an exciting proposition. However, with so many different styles of fixtures and so many finishes to choose from, it can also be an intimidating one. If you are trying to create an unusual bathroom design that will stand out among the crowd, there are some great options to choose from. Where once the only unusual designs were those that came at high prices, today’s unique designs are priced within many different ranges to fit most homeowners’ redecorating budgets.

Unusual FinishesIn bathroom design, the most common color for fixtures is silver. Chrome is, by far, the most widely used finish in bathroom fixtures. If you are committed to the look of chrome, but still want something unique, there are plenty of unusual styles available, from very contemporary designs to reproduction period fixtures. When searching for a finish that is truly unusual, bypass the chrome and head for black finishes or those crafted from copper or other materials.

The beauty of a unique finish is accentuated by the design of the piece itself. Intricate detail and unusual looks are commonplace in the world of bathroom fixtures these days. Given the wide range of finishes available, it is entirely possible to have a bathroom design that is like no other. Have you ever seen a porcelain vase inspired faucet? If not, chances are that your friends and family members also have not. Porcelain and ceramic are just two of the many options available to you when selecting a finish for your bathroom’s fixtures.

Anatomy of a FixtureWhen you think about bathroom fixtures, think about sink fixtures first. They are often the first type of fixture that guests see when they enter the room. The style of the bathroom sink fixture can say a lot about the homeowners. Common, inexpensive designs can give the impression of practicality or frugality. More unusual designs indicate intrigue and sophistication. If you are trying to create a look that is more intrigue and less common, opt for fixtures that are unusual in design.

If you are a bird lover, for example, incorporate a sink fixture that is made to look like a bird feather. For ocean enthusiasts, choose a nautical theme that highlights your passion for the sea. There are also fixtures that are modern and abstract for those homes where a contemporary look reigns. Even traditional style homes can feature fixtures that capture whimsy, charm or elegance. The key is to select fixtures that have personality and appeal, while also showcasing a unique fixture finish or design.

Where to ShopThe next time you are redecorating your bathroom, choose fixtures that are unusual to create a beautiful, new look. No matter what your budget, there are pieces available that will accent your space and make capture your personal design style. A good place to begin your search is at local bath and kitchen shops as well as your local home improvement store; they often have catalogs that feature special order fixtures. Take some time to browse online sites as well.