Home Pest Control: How To Keep The Asian Lady Beetle Out

As the first days of fall are upon us, we start thinking about getting our homes and properties ready for cooler weather. But we are not the only ones: squirrels and other forest creatures have been collecting nuts and other foodstuffs for the winter, bears are getting ready for hibernation, and insects are looking for a warm and comfortable place to sleep away the winter months. Lucky for us, the bears and squirrels tend to remain out in the wild, but not so lucky for us: insects find their way into our warm and comfortable homes. One insect that a lot of people in the Wisconsin area will find in their homes this fall are Asian Lady Beetles, also known as lady bugs. These are oval bugs, usually about A� inch in length and dome-shaped. You’ll see them with red, orange and yellow backs, usually dotted with little black spots, which has earned them the nickname Halloween beetles. These are primarily a nuisance pest, but can still crowd into your home in great numbers, so it is good to be proactive against these pests to keep them off your property.
Asian lady beetles prefer walls that are light-colored and face the warm southwest side of your property. In late fall when the temperatures drop, these lady bugs will find a way inside your home or business, entering through the tiny cracks and crevices that are around the structure. They will hang out near windows and along base-boards, and during the wintertime, enter a period of hibernation called diapause. This causes them to remain in a sleeping state for the winter months. In the spring, they will wake Pesticide Chemical Database up, and head towards the windows and towards the light- looking for ways out of your home. In order to keep these beetles outside, where they belong, you need to think like them. Are there ways into your house that are small enough for these pests to get through? Cracks in the foundation? Gaps in the siding? Are they getting in through soffits, dryer vents or bathroom vents? Closing these points of entry and making sure that they remain sealed will keep these pests from entering your home in the first place.
If you have done what you can in closing up gaps in the structure on your property, but are still seeing new Asian lady beetles entering your home, then it’s time to call in a professional. Do it yourself pest control chemicals can be found at your local grocery store or even online, but these are not usually effective and if used incorrectly, can be dangerous Organic Home Pest Control to your family and your pets. To keep Asian lady beetles and other annoying insects out of your home, contact a pest control professional today. They have the experience and know-how to target and destroy insect and rodent infestations in your home or business and they can assist you in making sure that your home or business is safe from future infestations.