Personal and Home Protection Essentials

In today’s unsafe world, when violence and crime are on a rise, no one is protected or completely safe and secure. Threats to life have increased many times.
For this reason, measures for personal safety are a must if you want to remain safe and protected from any kind of threat.
Being safe in your house is a primary concern for all families. Even though the police are just a phone call away, many times you won’t have the opportunity or time to call the police. If intruders invade your house, by Tomato Leaf Spray the time you are aware of it, it’s usually too late! If, on the other hand your not at home, you’re not in danger, but your property is. And by then it’s still to late to do anything about it except to count your loses.
Now, you could hire one of those home security companies such as ADT or Brinks, but that is expensive and in today’s economy it’s another added monthly expense that most of us cannot afford. There is another way for home protection. And one that is inexpensive, reliable and very clever.
It is a phone intruder alert and one of the best is the Telespy Intruder Alert. It is a combination telephone, motion sensor, and microphone. The TeleSpy is an ordinary telephone that doubles as a monitoring system. Simply enter any phone number you want the unit to call and turn the motion sensor switch to on. Should motion be detected by someone breaking in, whether you are in your bedroom or out of the house, the phone will dial the number entered and Local Rodent Exterminators upon answering you will be able to listen in via the amplified microphone on the unit. The TeleSpy Intruder Alert allows you to decide from a safe location if it is a friend or foe before you call the police. The listening period is about 30 seconds, then the TeleSpy disconnects and instantly re-arms to detect again and again. TeleSpy operates from any phone line, requires no installation, and is completely portable. No monitoring fees, no false alarms.
It is great for your house, condo, townhouse, apartment or even your vacation home. It’s another one of the home protection essentials that is necessary in today’s world for the safety of your family and property.