Regular Lawn Care And Management Services

For people who have the privilege (for most) or curse (for some) of having a significantly large yard space, lawn care is very important and should be put as one of the regular requirements Organic Pest Control For Garden Vegetables along household chores. The task of maintaining one’s yard is usually done weekly to most people while those who have the time to spare and the dedication to spend, do it daily.
Generally, regular lawn management is categorized into the following tasks:
1. Cutting
Cutting requires pruning and trimming plants to their desired height. This applies to flowers, ornamental bushes and trees that line the yard. Cutting not only maintains visual uniformity but it also allows new buds to grow keeping the growth cycle of the plants going under control. Cutting also includes mowing the grass that covers most of the lawn. This keeps the grass under controlled height and constant mowing encourages the grass to grow sideways covering more area of the yard. Edging the grass and other hedge plants are also part of this task.
2. Cleaning
This task immediately follows after cutting. Fallen cut offs and dead leaves from trees that litter the lawn since the last clean up should be swept and put in proper organic waste disposal bins always. In some countries in Southeast Asia, people burn dead grasses and leaves in the afternoon as a form of organic waste disposal. This practice is also used to drive away mosquitoes and other plant pests and parasites because of the smoke. This task although a part of general lawn care, varies from country to country depending upon culture and government established waste disposal systems.
3. Watering
Plants newly cut, trimmed or pruned suffer plant stress. Watering reduces such stress and of course could supply any plant with proper nutrients and minerals straight from a moist soil. Watering should be done through a sprayer or a hose with adjustable head. Flow of water should be at mist setting with the sprayer directed to the roots.
Too much volume of water could displace top soil covering the base of the plant. Leaves and flowers should also be lightly sprayed to wash off accumulated dust and other Plants That Repel Bed Bugs dirt. It is best to do watering between 5am-8am or 5pm onward when the sun is not at its hottest. This way water retention especially in the root area is at its longest.
In addition, lawn Care is always a responsibility of every home owner not only to himself but also to the community and it should be complied with regularly. There is no excuse for an unattended, garbage littered, clutters and overgrown plants all over any lawn. As the saying goes, “take a rake or take a hike.”