Are Organic Garden Pest Control Methods Reliable?

Organic garden pest control is not only reliable; it is also safer for your family and pets. It can even make your yard more interesting for your family. One of the most effective organic garden pest control methods is to encourage birds to visit your yard. Another is to install a toad house in your garden. Toads are great for eliminating insects that can damage your plants.
If you or your children enjoy watching the natural wildlife that is normally found in the area, then natural methods of pest control will thrill you all. Watching the birds that are attracted to your yard can offer hours of interest and might even give them information for a science project at school. However, the first step in finding an organic garden pest control method is to learn which pests are infecting your garden.
There are actually some insects that are good for your plants. A couple insects that you may want to encourage to stay in your garden are lady bugs and green lacewings. Most organic garden supply outlets will have these in stock. If you are having problems you may want to try Sta-Home™ Lady Beetles or Green Lacewings. These are two of the best garden predators that you can find. They prey on aphids, Colorado potato beetles, and other garden pests. These predators are great for garden pests above the ground.
If you are having problems with grubs, cutworms, or weevils you may need another kind of organic garden pest control. Something like Grub-AwayA� Nematodes may be a good addition to your garden maintenance. These nematodes attack pests that thrive in your soil. The pests that attack your garden from below are some of the worst because they are hard to spot until they have already damaged your plants.
You may be wondering just how you should go about attracting more birds. Most people would tell you to use bird feeders. However, this would be a false assumption; birds that are attracted to bird feeders are not usually the type of bird that eats insects. Putting up bird houses or a bird bath would be a more productive way to attract the insect-loving birds you need to encourage.
Another type of big insect eater that would qualify as an organic garden pest control method would be bats. Many people do not like this option because of superstitions about bats. Most bats are harmless night flyers that eat a huge amount of insects each night. How To Keep Insects Away From House A nursing brown bat can eat up to 4500 insects each night. Bat houses can be purchased and attached to trees or outlying buildings to prevent them from disturbing you. You could be helping to preserve one of the 40% of bat species that are already endangered.
As you can see, there are many very good organic garden pest control methods that you could choose from. While avoiding the Vegetable Pests And Diseases use of chemicals you can also help to benefit the natural world around you, making this a win-win solution for everyone.