How To Get Rid Of Ground Squirrels

Ground squirrel control can be accomplished in a few ways from trapping, shooting, poisoning and getting a cat or dog to the hunting. All methods have success, advantages, disadvantages and costs. Starting off with a pet to help control squirrels you can buy a dog or cat. Some will be more successful than others in the hunt for squirrels so there is a gamble in buying them whether or not they will one go after squirrels and two be any good at. The other downfalls are initial cost of a pet and feeding/vet bills and if you wanted a cat or dog you probably would already own one so think hard before taking on an animal you may not want long term especially if they turn out to be a bad hunter.
Speaking of hunting, that is another method of getting rid of squirrels. You need to make sure your method is accepted in your area by Fish and Game and by the local authorities. If it is OK and and you do not want to do this yourself, try putting an ad in Craigslist for a hunter to come and shoot them for you. In a lot of areas they will do this for free and be happy because they have a hard time finding private property to hunt on. The disadvantage to hunting is the need to be out hunting on a regular basis to control the population. On the other hand the advantage is one the cheapest forms and for some the funnest.
Trapping is quite easy with squirrels. I have used many different types of traps and they all seemed to work. I have used peanut butter, peanuts and even fruit to bait for them. The trap placement is important and you may need to experiment with this to get them placed in the correct Homemade Bug Spray For Indoor Plants location. Once placed, do not go near them except to check them twice per day. I like to transplant the rodent in a new location where his digging will not effect a homeowner. Some people will drown, shoot or otherwise kill them after trapping them. I leave that decision to you.
Poison is one of the easiest and best long term control methods available. Soon after placing baits the squirrels will eat the bait and dye most likely in a wildlife area away from your home. Do use this method if squirrels are in you attic because they may die there and leave a stench you will not be happy with. If you keep the bait fresh and plentiful year round the population will be reduced and even effect the breeding cycle which is your number one goal. Bait stations should be placed on the outer borders of most properties and multiple stations will give the greatest success.
With my service company in La Verne, CA called Rodent Guys Common Pest Control Questions most customers want me to use poison bait stations.