Pest Profile: Flying Squirrels

Endemic to the Eastern United States, flying squirrels can present a real problem when they colonize your attic for the winter.
Flying Squirrels 101
Southern flying squirrels are the smaller of two flying squirrel species native to North America. They typically have grey-brown fur with white furred bellies, and they are notable for the furry membrane which goes between their front and back legs. Flyers live in colonies, sometimes with as many as 20 members! When they reproduce, flyers usually have 2-7 pups twice a year.
Why They’re Pests
Nobody wants to live with their entire extended family, and it would be even worse to have someone else’s whole family move into your home. Sadly, when one flying squirrel decides that your home is a great hangout, they bring a whole colony of flyers with them to roost. Flyers seek out warm, enclosed places like attics during the fall and the cold winter months so that they can store food and remain cozy while winter rages outside. Pregnant flyers also seek the safety of attics for birthing and raising their pups.
Are They Dangerous?
Flyers aren’t directly dangerous to humans if handled properly (though, like any animal, they will bite if they feel threatened!); their true danger lies in the property damage they cause. These animals are rodents, which means they must chew to file down Pest Control Objectives their teeth. This need to gnaw can result in potentially massive property damage as flyers will chew on anything, including structural elements and electrical wiring. Wiring damage is a very serious concern because it can quickly become a fire hazard.
Do They Carry Diseases?
Flying squirrels mainly carry one disease that affects humans: typhus. It is rare to catch typhus from a flyer, but it is a risk to consider. Flying squirrels also play host to many different parasites, including but not limited to fleas, lice, and mites. Rabies is extremely rare in flyers, but it is possible for them to carry it.
Removal Organic Pest Control Products For Home
Because flying squirrels live in colonies, it’s not enough to trap a few and call it a day. You have to make sure that every single flyer is relocated away from your home, which can be a time-consuming task. To make removing and relocating your southern flying squirrel problem easier, consider hiring a professional wildlife removal and relocation team. Professional wildlife extractors can make sure each member of the colony is safely and properly caught and relocated. After all of the flyers have been removed, your professional wildlife removal and relocation specialists can recommend repairs to your home to keep it from being re-colonized.…

How To Get Rid Of Ground Squirrels

Ground squirrel control can be accomplished in a few ways from trapping, shooting, poisoning and getting a cat or dog to the hunting. All methods have success, advantages, disadvantages and costs. Starting off with a pet to help control squirrels you can buy a dog or cat. Some will be more successful than others in the hunt for squirrels so there is a gamble in buying them whether or not they will one go after squirrels and two be any good at. The other downfalls are initial cost of a pet and feeding/vet bills and if you wanted a cat or dog you probably would already own one so think hard before taking on an animal you may not want long term especially if they turn out to be a bad hunter.
Speaking of hunting, that is another method of getting rid of squirrels. You need to make sure your method is accepted in your area by Fish and Game and by the local authorities. If it is OK and and you do not want to do this yourself, try putting an ad in Craigslist for a hunter to come and shoot them for you. In a lot of areas they will do this for free and be happy because they have a hard time finding private property to hunt on. The disadvantage to hunting is the need to be out hunting on a regular basis to control the population. On the other hand the advantage is one the cheapest forms and for some the funnest.
Trapping is quite easy with squirrels. I have used many different types of traps and they all seemed to work. I have used peanut butter, peanuts and even fruit to bait for them. The trap placement is important and you may need to experiment with this to get them placed in the correct Homemade Bug Spray For Indoor Plants location. Once placed, do not go near them except to check them twice per day. I like to transplant the rodent in a new location where his digging will not effect a homeowner. Some people will drown, shoot or otherwise kill them after trapping them. I leave that decision to you.
Poison is one of the easiest and best long term control methods available. Soon after placing baits the squirrels will eat the bait and dye most likely in a wildlife area away from your home. Do use this method if squirrels are in you attic because they may die there and leave a stench you will not be happy with. If you keep the bait fresh and plentiful year round the population will be reduced and even effect the breeding cycle which is your number one goal. Bait stations should be placed on the outer borders of most properties and multiple stations will give the greatest success.
With my service company in La Verne, CA called Rodent Guys Common Pest Control Questions most customers want me to use poison bait stations.…

How to Control Squirrels?

Squirrels are one of the cute animals that look good while roaming about. At the same time when they cause us a lot of loss and to our vegetable gardens too due to which we want to get Pest Control Prevention Tips them out of our sight. This is a famous problem and needs to be dealt very carefully in all respects. Let us discuss how one can plan a pest control plan to get rid of these squirrels.
First of all, the food on which they feed is to be removed from the gardens. It is one of the possibilities that they might be attracted towards various berries. If you remove these attracted pieces of food then they will stop coming into your garden. Earlier, people used to use moth balls to keep these squirrels away as pest control.Squirrels don’t like the smell of the moths and they tend to move away from this odor. Even today many people believe in this method of running the squirrels away. Other repellents can be bought too if you do not find the method of moth balls effective enough to get the desired results. These repellents include things made of their natural predators like foxes. Moreover, it is also said that human hair scattered are also enough to scare these squirrels away.
Another very good idea is to put a fence around your garden. Chicken wire is usually used to fulfill this purpose. Live traps are also effective in trapping the squirrels. It is one of the most humane ways to do so. But it can happen Epa Plant Growth Regulator that some other animals may also get trapped into these traps and will get hurt. Another way can be to get motion detectors for your garden. Whenever a squirrel will come and will trigger the sprinkler, they scamper on out of there.
These are some of the ways to control the movement of the squirrels in your yard or garden. If all these methods make you fail in getting rid of them then you must call a professional pest control company to help you out in this situation. They know very well that how to use the pesticides in the best way to eliminate these squirrels in minimum time. Moreover, they know which chemical must be used in a way that it would not prove to be toxic for the humans.…