Home Remedies for Garden Pest Control

There are a lot of pest control products on the market with high promise and unbelievable claims. These products boast about having the “new mouse trap” and offer Spider Control Dust a “solution” that no other pest product can claim. While we are all looking for the new hot product, caution should be used before buying these products.
One such product is an electronic device placed into the attic to drive rats out of it. We have tried these twice with no results. Why did we try it? We were sick of climbing into the attic and setting traps and were willing to experiment. We let the device stay on for about two weeks and never a night went by without the noise of rats in the attic.
Another device, some-what similar is one used for controlling gophers. It is placed into the ground and is supposed to repel gophers for some unreal claim of 1000 sqft. We placed these in the ground and saw gopher dig new holes about 2 feet away the next day. After about 10 days or so a new mound was formed so close to the device the dirt mound was touching the base of it.
We have used many products that have big claims with little to no results. If the claim seems too good to be true, it probably is. There are resources for doing some back ground checking of these products. Unfortunately there are a lot of blogs and testimonials written by the manufacturer or its affiliates. Because of this, looking at multiple sites is recommended.
One reason for reviewing multiple sites is when you find similar verbage used over and over. If different people are writing the reviews they will have different writing styles and use different words to describe them. Seeing a product review with similar descriptions or raves is a tale-tale sign of manufacturer submittals.
You have to look at both the good and the bad. Some reviews are all bad, this can be a competitor or other biased submittal. Ones with all good can be of the same caliber. Having Does Shampooing Carpet Kill Bed Bugs reviews of only one side, that is all good or all bad, does not necessarily mean they are invalid. They do mean more research should be done before considering those products.
Some places to find more valuable reviews in general are Yelp and Angies list. They have more filtering to their reviews and therefore are somewhat more accurate.
Please be cautious before buying these products. We have found so many to be dubious. Hope you found this helpful. Come visit our blog for more pest control tips and information.