Dust Off Your Pest Control Techniques The Brown Recluse Spider Is Active Again

Did you relax your pest control techniques for insects over the winter?
Those brown recluse spiders took to hiding in their crannies, and crevices, for the last three or four months. They lurked in the shadows just out of sight. But they didn’t Baseboard Spraying Pest Control go very far away, and now they’re developing eggs. Soon those eggs will hatch, and you’ll have a bunch of little tiny brown recluse crawling all over your house.
Yesterday my lady started some spring-cleaning on the patio. She told me when she moved things around spiders went scurrying everywhere. She said there were all kinds of spiders out there.
I didn’t say anything about that, and I didn’t go have a look see. I know from experience many of the spiders she seen running away were most likely brown recluse. Those things are everywhere in the neighborhood now.
That’s strange because just a few years ago we supposedly didn’t have recluse spiders in Indiana. Now a days, even though I’m no longer an active pest control technician, I here about brown recluse bites all the time.
I think the main reason people get bitten is because most people don’t know what a recluse looks like. Sure the majority of people know about that mark on the spider’s back that’s shaped like a violin, or fiddle. It’s the reason we call the spider the fiddler.
But if you’re trying to identify this spider by that mark you’re way too close to the insect if it’s still living. That violin is so small it’s hard to see.
I studied pictures, and got an image of the spider firmly fixed in my head, back when I started my pest control technician Plant Pests And Diseases Identification Pdf days. Now I recognize one when I see it from a distance of a few feet. So I know to be very careful when I approach.
The brown recluse has distinctive legs. They’re very long. They angle upward from the body for a short distance, and then turn back downward toward the ground. That turn, or bend, in the leg is kind of like our knee. The body is long, and slender. But it’s very small too. That’s why the fiddle mark is hard to identify.
These guys have a nasty bite. My father found that out the hard way. A recluse bit him on the first knuckle of his middle finger. He didn’t really feel the bite. When you do feel it you only feel a slight pinch. But a short time later his knuckle started turning red, then it began swelling, and an angry wound opened up.
That red started crawling up his finger next. And then the doctors cut his finger off so the poison couldn’t spread up his arm, and into his body.
Not fun.
Treating for brown recluse spiders is simple enough if you know how.
The hard part is learning how to recognize this pest. And then you must learn how to take care of it with the proper pest control techniques.