Different Types of Wood for Cabinets

One thing that definitely makes a statement in a kitchen is the kitchen cabinet area. Cabinets add character to a kitchen, which is why everything installed in the bathroom basically revolves around them in every way. They can be made out of a lot of different materials, but they are generally made out of wood for the most part. Many different types of wood can be used, so how does one choose the right type of wood? Well, this article will help with that by discussing three different types of woods that can be used.

Cherry is one type of wood that many people choose for their kitchen cabinets. Cherry is very desirable because of how dark it is, which helps it blend into just about any kitchen. It’s a very dark brown wood with some black blotches in it. The fact that it’s not just one plain color also makes it desirable. Cherry definitely adds a lot of character and an elegant look to any kitchen. However, for those who don’t want their kitchen to have a darker look, cherry may not be the best option.

Cedar is another type of wood that people like to use for their cabinets. Cedar is generally used for closets quite a bit, but it can also be used in the kitchen. Cedar is a very great choice for most people because of the great contrast of colors in the wood. Cedar has mixes of a light and dark brown all the way to a light color similar to oak. Cedar also has a really nice smell to it, however, that smell can’t always be desired sometimes when coating has been applied to the wood. A downfall to using cedar would be that it isn’t the most durable type of wood out there.

Oak is another type of wood people use for their kitchen cabinets. Oak generally doesn’t look as good as many other types of wood, but it’s one of the most durable types of wood that can be used. Oak will surely handle the test of time, however, one will surely be sacrificing style when choosing oak since it’s quite plain and is mostly just a light color. I hope this article has been beneficial to those in the process of designing their kitchen or remodeling it.

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