Difference Between Pigeon Control Methods

1. A very useful method to get rid of pigeon problems is to evoke a sense of fear of their predators among them. This natural method is not only efficient, but is very humane and does not physically hurt the birds. Placing statues of predators like owl, hawks, snakes work wonders in preventing the problems of pigeons. This method is very cost effective.
2. Sound deterrent is an effective method for pigeon control. This method is very different from the method mentioned above. Pigeons Pest Control Policy For Nursing Homes hate this deterrent because they create a great sense of irritation to the pigeons and they stay away from this deterrent.
3. Maintaining cleanliness in the areas where pigeons frequent is also a very effective natural method for pigeon control. This method does not require any physical thing to be placed unlike the two methods mentioned above. Maintaining cleanliness does not require any cost to be incurred, as it requires effort to clean the place.
4. Using Pigeon repellents is another method for pigeon control. These repellents are semi toxic substances that are sprayed over the birds. The unnatural toxic substances are very harmful to the birds and can be fatal. It is generally not advised to use such repellents.
5. Pigeon spikes are effective techniques for pigeon control. The easy to install spikes are an ideal way to get rid of pigeons from landing on rooftops. Though the spikes are sharp, they do not hurt the Garlic Oil For Garden Pests pigeons but rather act only as barrier preventing pigeons landing at a particular place. This humane method is ineffective in the long run, as pigeons get used to the spikes and it does not affect them.
6. Various tactile repellents are available, that are different from other repellents, in which unnatural chemicals are used. Tactile repellents though cause discomfort to the birds are not as lethal as chemical repellents and do not cause any harm to the pigeons. Tactile repellents simply discourage the birds from landing at place where the repellent is active.
Thus, the various methods for pigeon control differ in many ways. You need to choose the best pigeon control method that meets your need.