Difference Between Pigeon Control Methods

1. A very useful method to get rid of pigeon problems is to evoke a sense of fear of their predators among them. This natural method is not only efficient, but is very humane and does not physically hurt the birds. Placing statues of predators like owl, hawks, snakes work wonders in preventing the problems of pigeons. This method is very cost effective.
2. Sound deterrent is an effective method for pigeon control. This method is very different from the method mentioned above. Pigeons Pest Control Policy For Nursing Homes hate this deterrent because they create a great sense of irritation to the pigeons and they stay away from this deterrent.
3. Maintaining cleanliness in the areas where pigeons frequent is also a very effective natural method for pigeon control. This method does not require any physical thing to be placed unlike the two methods mentioned above. Maintaining cleanliness does not require any cost to be incurred, as it requires effort to clean the place.
4. Using Pigeon repellents is another method for pigeon control. These repellents are semi toxic substances that are sprayed over the birds. The unnatural toxic substances are very harmful to the birds and can be fatal. It is generally not advised to use such repellents.
5. Pigeon spikes are effective techniques for pigeon control. The easy to install spikes are an ideal way to get rid of pigeons from landing on rooftops. Though the spikes are sharp, they do not hurt the Garlic Oil For Garden Pests pigeons but rather act only as barrier preventing pigeons landing at a particular place. This humane method is ineffective in the long run, as pigeons get used to the spikes and it does not affect them.
6. Various tactile repellents are available, that are different from other repellents, in which unnatural chemicals are used. Tactile repellents though cause discomfort to the birds are not as lethal as chemical repellents and do not cause any harm to the pigeons. Tactile repellents simply discourage the birds from landing at place where the repellent is active.
Thus, the various methods for pigeon control differ in many ways. You need to choose the best pigeon control method that meets your need.…

Solve Your Pigeon Problem

Pigeons, we always see them on the top of tall buildings or wandering around in the city centre. Whilst they may seem fairly harmless, they can be an extreme pest. Not only can they ruin the aesthetics of a building with their fouling, but they can also be dangerous as this fouling often carries diseases such as Ornithosis (a viral disease that is similar to “flu”) and Salmonella bacteria. In addition to this, a pigeon’s feces also contains uric acids which are highly corrosive meaning that they can seriously deface and damage any structures over a period of time.
If pigeon proofing is not carried out, the chances of contracting a transmitted disease is high. Pigeons in great numbers can be a real pest, particularly in urban areas. The busy life within cities or towns does not deter them in any way and so they feel comfortable building their nests onto man-made structures. Their nests often carry mites and insects which can wander to other parts of a building. This often results in further pest problems occurring within the building itself. They can sometimes cause drains and gutters to block which often leads to flooding. Any debris that they leave behind is often caught by the wind and collates in these areas, eventually causing a blockage. It is therefore essential to carry out some pigeon proofing on the area that is most affected.
This is often an extremely humane process and rather than injuring the birds in any way, it simply prevents them from returning to their homing site and instead, forces them to look for a nesting spot elsewhere. A bird net is made from extremely durable material that will withstand all weathers. This would be perfect to deter pigeons as it creates a complete barrier between the bird and its homing spot. Another method of effective pigeon proofing is by utilising fine metal spike that run along window ledges, chimneys, signs etc. As pigeons like to rest on flat edges, they are immediately put off from utilising any area that has these metal spikes.
Whilst these are used primarily for pigeons in an urban area, they can also help to deter other nuisance birds such as crows and gulls. Utilising sprung wires is another form of pigeon proofing. This is more commonly used on window ledges where a number of stainless steel wires are placed across the surface of the ledge in order Principle And Objectives Of Pest Management to keep it protected. Pigeons are prevented from landing on the ledge by wires that are attached to a spring which is set at a precise tension. These are often deemed to be the best method of pigeon proofing as whilst they are effective, they are also barely noticeable so they will not ruin the aesthetics of a building.
If you are suffering with a pigeon problem, all of these methods are effective but humane and will successfully solve your pest trouble. If you are unsure on which method …