Controlling Pests In The Home (DIY)

DIY pest control is easy when you have the right equipment. The two mainstays of pest control equipment are liquid Research Articles On Pesticides sprayers and dusters. Using these two methods you can treat nearly any pest problem you will find in your home.
Liquid sprayers can be used for nearly any pest, they can also be used for treating weeds with the use of herbicides. When selecting a sprayer to purchase, Bugs That Are Good For Plants make sure it has a brass nozzle, brass nozzles give better sprays, last longer and are easier to control than cheap plastic spray nozzles.
Liquids can be economically used very well, they come in concentrates that are diluted in water, this solution is mixed in your sprayer and applied to wherever you wish to treat. Sprayers can be used to treat the perimeter of your home and some areas of your home (as the label of your pesticide will dictate) you can use these sprayers many times over and they have many different uses.
Sprayers with enough pressure have a long range and you can treat areas that you’d need a ladder to reach. This will save you time when treating areas of your home. Sprays are good for preventative measures, and for treating weeds, but in most cases you will need to use dusts and dusters to treat nests and other areas directly, liquids will flow downward and will not fully penetrate areas where insects will remain.
Dusts are one of the best methods for DIY pest control because they are made to be light and airy, they can easily penetrate deep into the nests of any insects you will find in your home. In addition you can use diatomaceous earth with your duster and use this eco-friendly method of DIY pest control to treat your home and even your bed and living areas against nearly every small crawling insect you will encounter in your home.
When purchasing a hand duster, look for ones with a slightly turned tip, many nests will have turned corners at their entrances to protect against weather. Carpenter bee nests are like this. Having a slightly bent tip will help treat these.
Dusts are one of the quickest ways of eliminating pests around your home, if you discover an insect nest you can easily use a hand duster and inject dust into their nest, dusts like drione are fast acting and your pest problem will be gone overnight.