Web Retailers of Vessel Sink and Faucet Combos Offer Outside the Box Shopping Experience

Web Retailers of Vessel Sink and Faucet Combos Offer “Outside the Box” Shopping Experience

The clean, simple lines and unattached appearance of the rectangular sink calls out for something special in a faucet. One particularly stunning vessel sink and faucet combo involves the rectangular, round or oval bath sink in white ceramic paired with a single lever chrome faucet. The gorgeous chrome single lever faucets available through web retailers considerably up the style quotient of any remodel or renovation project. Even if you’re simply replacing a worn out vanity and lavatory combination without doing much else in the way of upgrading your bathroom, the powerful one-two punch of a ceramic vessel sink and chrome single lever faucet is a guaranteed design knockout.

Many vessel sink/faucet combinations are available pre-matched; this is particularly true of vessel sink/waterfall faucet combos. In many cases, the glass rim surrounding the single lever on the faucet matches the glass of the sink perfectly, to create a harmonious visual effect. In addition, both halves of this design duo are elegantly shaped; the gentle waterfall sound of the fixture is an added feature. A bowl-shaped vessel sink in glass that is frosted, clear, or colored requires an equally attractive faucet. The clean lines of single lever chrome faucets serve nicely in this capacity and are attractively priced if you shop around. Atop a stone counter, this vessel sink and faucet combination is one that can hardly be matched for its clean look and sophistication.

The bathroom with the modern or avant-garde design calls out for something especially unique. Bathroom vessel sinks of multicolored glass range in style from gorgeous to beautiful and unusual. Some resemble nothing less than a star speckled sky in hues of translucent blue and darker blue; others feature multicolored designs that resemble a swirling galaxy. Certainly bathroom sinks like these require something special in a faucet, which is why they are most often paired up with, you guessed it: a single lever chrome faucet.

Another sure fire visual winner is the square or rectangular vessel sink in clear glass, paired with a single lever chrome faucet. Folks are often surprised that such beautiful sink and faucet combinations are available, and that they can be had quite affordable. There’s something about the combination of clear glass and chrome that is so remarkably clean and futuristic that it elicits gasps of admiration wherever it is used in bathroom design and construction. Experts agree: when it comes to matching a faucet with the clean lines of your vessel sink, a single lever faucet is the way to go. Add a chrome finish, and you’ll find that your bathroom design dreams are easier to achieve than you imagined.