Top 10 Reasons for Pest Control Failures

1. Pest and Source not Identified Correctly: Know what you are dealing with. Certain insects for example need to be handled by two or more products, know when and where is the best time to treat and then choose what is the best method for control.
2. Inappropriate Timing: Is what you are dealing with only active at night or only attracted to a particular source? What stage of the life cycle are you dealing with and how many stages are there? What is each stage of the life cycle doing? These are types of questions you should ask yourself.
3. Not Following Proper Procedures: Does the treatment need to be applied more than once? Follow Pothos White Fungus the pesticide labeling directions and life cycle of the insect with a proper treatment plan.
4. New Infestations: If you know what you are dealing with and the issue reoccurs then ask yourself did I treat properly the last time. Have the insects been gone long enough to have broken the life cycle the first time I had the issue? For example. If so this could be a reinfestation.
5. Improper Dosage: Follow the labels directions. Adding more or less pesticide than the label calls for could defeat the purpose of using it.
6. Improper Cleaning before Treatment: If you are treating the yard then cut the grass, pick up debris, rake leaves and exposing hiding places. Preparation before treatment is vital to be successful.
7. Insects Become Immune: Improper dosage mixtures, using a weaker form of what you should be using and sometimes using the same chemical repeatedly could build up their immune systems.
Baiting Tips
8. Residuals from Previous Pesticides: If you are using bait for insects then using a spray that kills them will defeat the purpose of the bait if they die before they can get back to the nest.
9. Strong Cleaning Solutions: Do not use strong cleaning solutions such as bleach or pine sol around the bait. This will cause insects to avoid the bait.
10. Providing a Better Food Source: If you are trying to feed roaches then take out the trash and wash your dishes so you will not leave them out birthday cake when you are trying Preventive Insecticide to get them to eat dinner. The same with rodent poisons, especially outside. Do not leave out bird seed, pet food and pick up any fruit they may be eating in the yard.