Tips on Choosing the Right Sink For Your Bathroom Or Kitchen

The sink is often the focal point of a bathroom or kitchen. In the bathroom, the shower is usually in a corner and the toilet is usually placed such that you don’t notice it, but the sink is usually in the center of the room and the most present of all the fixtures. The kitchen sink can sometimes be found in an island in the middle of a kitchen, in the center of the longest counter, or in a corner. All of these locations are somewhere that they eye can be drawn to easily. Because it is such an important aspect of both rooms, you want to make sure the sink you choose is appropriate for your decorating style and your level of use.

In the kitchen, there are many ways you can customize your sink. The most common thing people vary is the number of basins. I think the most popular choice is two basins. One side of the sink will have the garbage disposal and be slightly smaller. This side will be used for rinsing dishes or for prep. The larger side will be used to soak and wash dishes. Because you need to be able to clean large pots and pans a kitchen sink is usually much deeper than a bathroom sink. It is common for the kitchen basin to be eight to twelve inches deep. Some people choose to have a third basin specifically for prep. In my experience, this is only true for people who are very serious about cooking.

In the bathroom, the most important decision you can make is what type of sink you will have. Your choices are a vanity sink, a console sink, a pedestal sink, a wall-mounted sink, and a vessel sink. The difference between all of them is how the basin is supported. The vanity sink is mounted into a cabinet, the console sink is attached at the back to the wall and supported on two legs in the front, the pedestal sink rests on one pedestal, the wall-mounted sink is mounted to the wall with no supporting legs, and the vessel sink is a basin that sits on top of a counter. Each type of sink has advantages and disadvantages. Some are better suited to large master bathrooms like the vanity sink. And some are better suited to small powder rooms like the pedestal sink.

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