Tips for a Pest Free Home

The total value and condition of your house is measured not only on your indoor and outdoor area but also on its overall component and structure up to its tiniest details. A livable house is the one that is worth dwelling and this is possible if your house is free from destructive pests and insects. Always keep proper sanitation and household maintenance to avoid infestation in your home. Maintaining a pest free home will definitely increase the value of your home and property.

Before buying pesticides and other pest control products, check first your home structure and components as well as the insects and pests that invade your home. It is important to inspect your outdoor to prevent pests and insects to enter your home. Inspect for holes, cracks and crevices because they may serve as passageway for pests to enter your home and serve as their dwelling place. Aside from this, check also your gutters, drain pipes, drainage and other possible areas for pests to dwell and multiply.

Inside the house, inspect the walls and check for holes and cracks as well. Cleaning your home is the best way to prevent insects and pests within your property. Dirty environment is one major cause of pests’ infestation. Cleanliness and hygiene is the most effective way to drive away pests. Clean areas of your house that have clutter like piles of newspapers and cardboards, and other wastes. Moreover, clean your kitchen always because it is prone to insects and pests particularly cockroaches and rats. Always clean your cupboards, faucets, cabinets, shelves and every surface that is exposed to food and other dirt.

Another important thing is to make sure that every part of the house is safe and secured by ensuring that everything is well repaired and fixed. It is also best to seek help from pest control services to ensure that your property is totally free from pests. If you are going to apply pest control by yourself, make use of natural and organic pest control products because it is safer for kids and pets.

Our family deserves the best place to live in. The best home for your family is the one that is pest free and other insects as well. This is not only for your home but for your family’s health and protection as well. Below are the listed factors that you can do to avoid pest infestations:

Piles of wood, lumber, stones and bricks should be kept away from home. Do not pile them near your outdoor wall to prevent easy access of pests and insects. It may provide them food and shelter.

Cover your garbage and trash cans so that pests will not be able to get into it and reside in it. As much as possible, place garbage cans on cement ground.

Make sure to completely turn off your hose to avoid water leak that may serve as food source for pests. It may also serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Seal or cover all holes, cracks and crevices because this may be a pathway for insects What Are The Green Worms On My Plants and pests. Pests outside the house can enter into your home through these openings.

Always trim your plants, trees and bushes. Trimming the branches of the trees will lessen the possibility for pests to have easy access to your home.

Clean left over pet foods that fell on the ground. If there are leftovers that your pet will still take on the next feeding, cover them or store them in a secure place.

Perform a thorough check up and investigation around your house. Inspect for tiny holes on window screens and doors.

Resolve moisture issues. Repair gutters, Integrated Pest Management Example faucets and sink holes.

Reduce outdoor lights, or if needed, use yellow light because it does not attract as much insects.

Don’t pile newspapers and other paper products especially near appliances and furniture.

If you have a birdcage, clean spills from bird feeder.

Do not place food products on the ground or floor. Wipe off any food droppings on the floor.

Bathe your pets and keep them free from fleas and other pet parasites.