The Bathroom Sink Cabinet Can Be the Center of Your Bathroom

Thinking of updating your bathroom? Maybe you want to furnish a brand new bathroom. There are many things you can do, depending on your desired outcome. If you want to make a subtle change, consider updating the tile. If it’s linoleum, try ceramic. If it’s darker, you could try a lighter material, like faux granite. Just remember that the style you choose might force you to need to change other parts of the room, as clashing colors are no good for anyone.

Another subtle change you could make would be to your shower curtain. Just getting a new one can give the room a slightly different feel, or you can go all out for a totally new look. For example, if you have a blue curtain you could switch it to a pink striped curtain with butterflies printed on it. Instead of a round rod you could opt for a straight or corner one with custom hooks.

Toilets usually don’t have many options when it comes to appearance, but they do have options. In America, the Japanese fixture is popular, as it has a cleansing water spout. Another option available is composting toilets, which help continue the circle of life by redistributing waste back into the environment and disposing of the water. Other options include pressure assisted and dual flush, which help resume precious water and promote cleanliness. Sticking with the standard toilet will not break your bathroom, either, so don’t get discouraged. Remember that the most important aspect of a toilet is functionality before looks.

Aside from those, you still can work on the cabinet, sink, and vanity. Vanities hold medicine but also act as a second mirror. They can be frameless or framed. For cabinets, you can normally choose between dark and light woods. The counter top can be made from plastic, faux granite, or tile. Most people opt for standard sinks, but a very unique thing to do is get the porcelain bowl style, which catches all the water from the faucet to prevent splashing.

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