Suspicious Activity in Your Neighborhood

Here is a list of suspicious acts that may indicate that a burglary is going to happen or is already in progress. These are obvious signs and it is a surprise to me how often they are missed.
1. If you see a person or group of people going from house to house and then disappearing to the backyard or side yard. They are probably looking for an easy house to burglarize or they could already be committing the crime.
2. If you see someone waiting in front of a home that you know the homeowner is out of town. This person could be a lookout for a burglary in process.
3. Obviously if you see someone actually forcing their way into a home you should immediately call 911. Home invasions are becoming more popular these days and there might be someone in the home that can be seriously harmed by this intruder.
4. Be wary of anyone that is entering a yard that does not belong to them, they might be looking for something to steal or a home to break into. Especially if they are not carrying any tools onto the property. Look and see if the vehicle they are driving has a company name on it. They could be working for the home owner getting rid of pests or spraying the yard for weeds.
5. Anyone running away from a home carrying an item of value such as a television or computer may be leaving a home that has just been burglarized.
6. People exhibiting odd mental or physical symptoms might Mouse Prevention Sound be under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.
7. If you see moving vans late at night could be a sign of a home being robbed.
8. Another thing you may want to report to the police is if you see a lot of people coming to a home for a short amount of time at all hours, your neighbor may be dealing in drugs. This will bring unwanted people into your neighborhood and will increase the amount of crime as well.
As with any situation you have to make a decision on what is best to do. There may be a perfectly good explanation but today you cannot be too careful. Call Mouse Poison Safe For Pets 911 and let your local police department investigate the situation. That’s what they get paid to do. We are all responsible for our own Home Protection.