Stylish Bathroom Vanity Tops

If you’re considering making some changes in your bathroom the best thing you can do is step in, turn the light on and notice the things you see first. This varies from bathroom to bathroom but most people see the big items first or the things that are directly in their line of sight. The bathroom sink is often one of the first things you’ll notice. What impression does it give you? Do you immediately think how it looks a bit lackluster, how it’s not a very pretty color, how it looks worn and old or how it looks great and you wouldn’t change a thing?

If you’re perfectly happy with it, then continue looking around the room and pay attention to what you’re noticing and how you feel about it as you go. But if you’re less than thrilled with the look of your sink, you have a number of choices. Depending on the setup you currently have, you can change things like the cabinet below it, the sink itself, the vanity top, the mirror above it (which has a lot to do with how you perceive the entire sink area), the faucet or even the knobs and pulls on the cabinet doors and drawers.

It’s not necessary to change the entire unit to get a brand-new look. If the top is a bit worn or in a color that doesn’t really look fantastic with the rest of the room, you should consider changing your bathroom vanity top to something a little more striking. If you have the type of vanity where the sink is actually part of the top and it’s all one piece, this can be a little more complicated. But you can add a vanity top and cut a hole for an ordinary sink to switch out to something with a more updated look.

If your vanity has been in place for a number of years, it’s due for an upgrade to one of the stylish bathroom vanity tops available today. You could go with something very high-end like marble or granite or just choose a solid surface that simulates the look of those beautiful stones. You’ll have many more options if you choose a separate vanity that doesn’t have a molded sink attached because then you’ll get to choose a new sink in the style you want which will also add a new look to your room. Don’t forget a new faucet to complete the look.

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