Selecting a Bathroom Sink

Selecting a Bathroom Sink

Buying a new bathroom sink is a good way to revitalize your bathroom. Even on a limited budget, the sink provides a dramatic impact to the aesthetic value of the bathroom. Regardless of whether you are planning a bathroom remodeling job or an entirely new bathroom, you will find a wide selection of sinks available in various styles, colors, materials, and shapes.

Since prices vary based on the manufacturer and on the type of sink you select, it is advisable to prepare a budget before making your purchase.

Consider the decor of the bathroom as well. Whether you have a traditional or modern bathroom, you will want the sink to blend in. Another consideration is the type of bathroom sink that would best accommodate your family’s needs. Your choices include freestanding or tabletop models as well as models that hang on the wall.

Your least expensive option is the traditional white sink. It is available in round or square shapes and is normally installed over the counter; however, a corner installation is possible. If you want something more decorative, going with porcelain will allow you to paint flowers or any motif you prefer for a custom look of your choice. This also works well in a children’s bathroom as you can decorate based on their favorite cartoon characters.

You don’t need to restrict your choices to vanities or pedestals. Using furniture pieces can add warmth to your bathroom. Sink bowls, for example, can be installed in a tabletop or in the area of the top drawer in a low bureau.

A new trend is the glass bowl sink which is available in various colors, textures and shapes. The bowl can be placed on top of a counter top, on chrome or brass stands, or in wrought iron bases, providing an aura of luxury. Sinks are also available in brass, chrome, copper, stone and stainless steel. If you want a natural look, birch, mahogany and teak are other options you may want to consider.

With so many choices available, you are bound to find a sink that will enhance your bathroom appearance and fit your budget.