Repairing Your Loose Bathroom Sink Handle

Your bathroom sink handle will be annoying and may appear unsafe to use if it becomes loose. However, we can fix up the handle in no time, and it’s quite simple as well. You will need a set of allen wrenches to tighten the bathroom sink’s handle, and that’s it. This is a very simple fix and takes a few seconds to correct a very annoying situation.

Bathroom sink handles are very similar to kitchen sink handles in that they have what’s called an allen set screw. When this screw becomes loose the entire faucet will become loose and this is what will cause your faucet to appear unsafe to use. Now the first step is that you want to remove the handle. By doing this we can get to the allen set screw. Now we can remove the handle just by unscrewing it. This way we can fully utilize our allen wrench.

Fit the allen wrench in the allen set screw, and begin tightening the loose handle. Tighten it enough so that the bathroom sink handle fits firm in place. You don’t want to over tighten it. This will strip the allen set screw and you will need to replace the entire faucet, just a fair warning to be aware of what you are doing. Place the handle back on and screw it back into place. Make sure it is firm. Now you are going to want to test out the handle and make sure it’s working properly and also you want to make sure the faucet it sitting firm as well. And there you have it, you just tightened your bathroom sink’s handle in less than two minutes!

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