Protecta LP Rodent Bait Stations

If you happen to hear scratching and running around in the middle of the night, you might hear suspect that it are rodents such as deer mice, roof rats, Norway rats or house mouse. Rodents or rats are nocturnal animal. They like to look for food in the middle of the night. People should be very careful about their existence because some rats can also cause diseases. In addition they can make severe damage to your properties. Rats’ instincts can make them very difficult to be controlled. They are very cautious animal in that they will observe new objects around their neighborhood and environment until they are accustomed to the present of those objects. This explains why they can hinder traps and baits easily.
Roof Rats or Rattus rattus is the most annoying rats. This animal is black in color and 7 to 10 inches long with a long tail, large ear and eyes and pointed nose. The name roof rats are named after their habitat in which that like to Pest Control Forum Usa live upper ground in most of their life. In addition, they are a very good climber that you will easily find them in the attic or upper parts of structures. Roof rats are omnivorous but they prefer grains, fruit, nuts and vegetables.
In addition, house mouse or Mus musculus is another rat who likes to wonder around to steal your food. This rat is small and slender about three to four inches long. They also have large ears, small eyes and pointed nose, similar to the roof rats. House mouse likes to build nest around the food resources about 10 to 30 feet far. Similar to the roof rats, this animal is also omnivorous but they prefer cereal grains such Organic Methods Of Pest Control as rice, corn or nuts. They communicate with others through sound which sometimes can be hear and sometimes cannot. Besides those two rats, Norway rats are also commonly found around your neighborhood. These rats can be considered as giants in that they can be twice as much as the roof rats. However, they prefer to live in sewers and other damps areas. Similarly, they also depend on human to obtain some foods.
If you happen to find problems related to rats, you can use Protecta LP Rodent Bait Stations to reduce the problem. This is very ideal for indoors under pallets and in other tight baiting locations. This product is equipped with all types of baits including blox that fits on horizontal and vertical bait securing rods.