Pets Aren’t the Only Ones Getting Bugged by Flea Season This Year

Contrary to popular belief, Florida does have seasons. While it is true that our summer, fall, winter and spring are not as evidently defined as other areas in the nation, Aphid Killer Recipe Florida has seasons that are uniquely its own, from tourist season to hurricane season, our state is defined by a set of recurring seasons distinctive to our region.
Pet owners in Palm Beach and throughout Florida are unfortunately all too aware of the Sunshine State’s dreaded flea season, and frustratingly enough, this can be a 12-month season. Why are fleas such a big problem in Florida? Unlike our neighbors to the north, Florida rarely gets any help from Mother Nature when it comes to eliminating these pests. The influx of fleas is primarily due to the lack of winter freezes that would typically kill off most of the adults and their eggs. Fleas thrive in warm, humid weather, making Florida’s temperature, humidity and climate the ideal condition for fleas to live and breed.
Summer is the time of year when both heat and humidity readings are consistently in the 80s and 90s. Hurricane season and the ensuing rain only worsen the situation. The battle against these pests may seem unending, but the good news is that you have weapons available to you that can help you get the upper hand. Taking preventative measures to protect your home and pets can be the key to helping you avoid an infestation.
– First and foremost, if you do own a pet, be sure and get the pet treated and dipped for fleas by your veterinarian
– An infested lawn can quickly turn into an internal invasion if you do not take action. If you discover fleas anywhere – on your clothes, on your pet, in your lawn or in your house, it is best to take action on all fronts, there is really no overreacting when it comes to fleas.
– If you do discover fleas in your home, then it is time for a good cleaning. Go through the entire house and gather items that fleas could be living in, from the drapes to bedding to your clothing, give it all a good washing and drying. Vacuum the whole house, including underneath furniture. Flea Pet Safe Bug Spray For Yard eggs can survive and develop inside vacuum bags, so when you are finished, immediately dispose of bags by burning or sealing in a plastic bag. Remember to clean cushions thoroughly, it is likely that nestled down with all that loose change and lost remotes there is a group of stowaway fleas.
– Once you’ve sterilized your entire house, your work is not over. If fleas are inside, then they are almost certainly outside too, living in the dirt and grass surrounding your home. The best way to eliminate these pests is to spray your lawn with an insecticide.
While there are a number of different ways to eliminate these pests once they have established themselves in your home or on your lawn, preventative care is always the best method. Make it a habit to start checking your pets for fleas before they enter your home and always dress appropriately before venturing out to flea friendly areas like tall grass or woodlands. If you’re hiking try to wear long sleeve shirts and tuck your pants into your boots.