Pest Control – What Are Pantry Pests And Tips To Get Rid Of Them

Opening your pantry to fetch a staple is something most of us do every day. Now imagine grabbing the cereal box and discovering nasty bugs mixed in. Horrifying, and yet not uncommon! Pantry pests are insects that infest cereal grain products and other dry, stored human food that are generally kept in the home. They are also likely to infest dry pet food and bird seed as well. What’s worse is that these pests may actually be coming home with you from the grocery store. Here’s some more information regarding these invading insects as well as a few tips on how to get rid of the insects that have taken up residence in your pantry.
Pantry pests, also frequently referred to as stored product pests, are actually several types of insects that are grouped together because of their penchant for invading dry goods and staples. Common stored product pests include Indian meal moths, dermestid beetles, saw-toothed grain beetles, cigarette and drugstore beetles and flour beetles as well as other types of beetles and weevils. All of these bugs have the ability to damage Organic Home Pest Control food by contaminating it with their bodies and their by-products and rely on the spills in shelves, cupboards and drawers for food. They also have the ability to chew through cardboard and foil packaging so even new and unopened items are susceptible to these bugs. Because all stages of life of these insects are likely to infest stored items, you should look for the presence of small insects, moths or worms in your kitchen.
The key to getting rid of these insects is to starve them out, which means denying them access to your food supplies. Using tightly sealed containers to store items can help protect your food from pantry pests, and you should be sure to clean all storage containers completely before filling them with fresh food.
Other ways you can avoid a problem include not mixing old and new foodstuffs together and keeping your pantry clean and dry at all times. Make sure you inspect packages that are already in your kitchen for pantry pests, as well as any new items you bring home from the store. If you locate an infestation, simply remove it from the house quickly.
If you have a severe insect problem in your pantry or kitchen, then consider bringing in the professionals. Local pest control companies have a great deal of experience tackling this type of problem Time Out For Termites and will work with you to get rid of Indian meal moths and other pantry pests using pest control practices and techniques that are highly effective, yet safe for your home and family.