Pest Control Industry Wants to See New Pest Control Programs Created Soon

Apart from plans to force farmers to comply to new pesticide control, the pesticide industry is behind the move from potentially harmful chemicals to natural techniques in eradicating pests from crops along with other enemies such as some types of plants. Peppermint Oil For Aphids Pest management, according to the National Agricultural Chemicals Association who create most of the pesticides that are found in the United States, could possibly be the best way to keep pests away from the crops and keep farmers in business.
In an interview the president of the association claims that whichever methods of controlling pests is best will be supported by the association, and the time has come for natural methods to take the limelight. There is no opposition from the pesticide industry against any method of pest control, in fact, they are willing to help design a pest control method that is good for the environment.
We do not believe that the regulatory processes are necessary to force pest control instructions to be put on labels. Much better than prior strategies which were employed, the demonstrative and educational methods are far better, experience has taught everyone. The term ‘pests’ does not just describe insects that can be harmful to plant life, it includes other plants such as weeds or diseases. Up to this point, most farmers use chemical pest control to keep their crops healthy and free from pests.
There are plenty of concerns however for the environment in relation to some of the most popular chemicals, therefore the government is currently cracking down on those chemicals that are seen to have the most potential for harm. There has been a great deal of research into these questionable pesticides, such as DDT and others. There is now a new more natural approach designed to manage pest control without relying upon chemicals. Improved cultural methods, biologic controls and other techniques are used for natural pest control, all designed to lesson the dependence on chemicals.
The association has released a position paper that there is a new danger creeping in of the government inserting itself into the proceedings as the new methods catch on, and they may attempt to clamp down on the use of certain pesticides Organic Pest Control For Garden Vegetables that are necessary for food production. The main concern is whether or not the farmers will be able to decide if they want to use the natural pest control methods, or if the government will make the decision for them.
It suggested that one particular idea for hyper-regulating, which the government is contemplating, involves the newer method of making directions be used on the packaging of chemical pesticides. This would mean that such chemicals would only be allowed after natural methods had been exhausted and had not worked.
This means that the government wants to relegate the chemical pesticides to a role of last resort, only to be used if the natural methods are not working, but necessarily to be used if only crop loss is to be considered. On the other hand, a spokesperson from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that there has been no proposal made as of this moment about this subject.